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The body remembers what the mind forgets. –Field Report I broke into tears when I heard that line sung by Field Report on the radio this morning. Because, this is a day that my body always remembers.

Bring Back the Oranges

Bring Back the Oranges!

Healthy snacks at sports Anybody with older kids have stories to share about bringing healthier snacks to kids sports practices & games? I want to create a campaign and part of it will be to highlight real-life stories. Also, I’d love photos of teams with “orange peel smiles.” Check out my campaign site: http://bringbacktheoranges.com/ It’s still under construction but I would…


Kid: “Where’s my knife?” Dad: “It’s the dedicated jam knife now.” Mom: “No. You use one spoon for the jam, and then each person uses his own knife to spread it.” Dad: “Did you go to finishing school?” Mom: “No… epidemiologist school!”  

IKEA Toy Loft bunkbed Mydal hack

IKEA: Hack my Family!

If I Had An IKEA Family… Our home would, at all times, be dappled with golden light streaming through windows unblemished with greasy fingerprints. It would be soft and warm, but never glaring, and always photo-ready. There would be no dust fairies dancing in that light. Instead, my children would dance like fairies, delighted with their small, neat, color-coordinated collection of…

Next Post? You Decide

Vote to Decide My Next Post Should it be…  My wet-your-pants funny musings on what my fantasy IKEA family would be like? or A story about that time I had to pee in a cup and set off the car alarm? Vote with a comment!


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