The Empty Bowl

The Listen to your Mother Show: Backstage and Inside As I waited backstage at the Listen to Your Mother show, my anxiety took shape as the certainty that my period just started three different times. Three different times, I was wrong. In between those nervous trips to the bathroom, I applied and then re-applied my make-up at one of the many Green…

The Rehearsal

We had our first rehearsal for Portland’s Listen to Your Mother show this morning. Afterward, I felt like passing out. It’s quite possible I was dehydrated from crying, or low on oxygen from laughing so hard. My head was spinning, my body was shaking, and I’m pretty sure I was incoherent. I am in awe of the women in that room–…

Sunset Sunrise Quilt

I Quilt Too

And I might as well write about it over at Quilt It, Baby! Click over to read about such delightful things as tipsy stitching on the beaches of Mexico, cracking knees, DIY yoga mat carriers, and hacking IKEA towel racks to store quilt tops. If you’re into that sort of thing.


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