Which Way to Go?

Living without regrets is a slippery aspiration.

My heart leads the way, but the way is puddled and bogged with ‘what ifs’ rained by a mind that rushes back and forth and never follows.

The quicksand threatens.

Must quiet. Focus. Find now.  









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35 thoughts on “Which Way to Go?

  1. Very nice, Kylie! I loved the phrase “puddled and bogged with ‘what ifs.’” Thanks so much for linking up!

    • Thank you! So glad this is filling the hole left by Trifecta’s 33 word challenges. I love these quick prompts. They keep me writing despite being so, so busy!!

  2. What ifs are really the pebbles that keep hindering us-most of us have been on that path-at least I have :P Loved where you went with the prompt:-)

  3. My favourite line? ‘Quicksand threatens’. The whole world opens up and swallows you if you are not careful. Lovely post.

  4. I found this kinda sad in a way. It sounds a bit like you feel you should grow up but don’t really want to.Your heart knows the way. Follow it anywhere.

    Then again, perhaps I am just superimposing my emotions onto your superb writing. I enjoyed this!

    • Thank you. Interesting that you picked up on the age angle. I’m 40 and am thinking a lot about the choices I made when I was younger and how they’ve lead me to where I am now, and whether that’s the place I want to be.

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