I Bet Your Kids WILL Eat Fruit & Veggies! (Review & Giveaway) Ends 5/30

Kids being cute and fun with food!

Recently I received a copy of the DVD “Copy Kids eating fruits & vegetables” to review.  When I saw the premise behind it I knew I wanted it and knew it would be perfect for this blog.  I have had the idea that I want my children to see children doing things they don’t usually experience.  Sometimes getting my daughter to go to sleep is much more difficult until I throw in that “this friend and that friend” are dreaming too, “don’t you wanna dream with them?”  I am not surprised this works and I am so glad the Copy Kids team put together this package for parents.  Especially those of you transitioning your children to more raw-abundant diets.

Recently I took the Copy Kids DVD to my aunt’s house. There was a get-together there and I wanted to have something for my kid’s to do and since I don’t agree with many of the shows that people consider kid-programming (and wanted them to watch something different for a change!) I brought the DVD.  Unfortunately I didn’t really have much of the foods together.  My daughter started watching “bell peppers” and immediately she looked up at me while watching the first little girl eat and said “I need some peppers, mommy.”   Based on that fact alone, I would say this series works!  I haven’t been able to get her to eat bell peppers in 2 years.

Red bell peppers. Suomi: Punaisia paprikoita.
Red bell peppers. Suomi: Punaisia paprikoita. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few nights later I put together a Copy Kids event.  My daughter has made “copy kids” a part of her everyday vocabulary and asks for it all the time now.  I chopped up broccoli, cucumber, tomato, bell peppers, apples, carrots, oranges, avocado and bananas.   I put the kids on a mess-free blanket and put on the Copy Kids DVD.

The DVD has several clips of children eating raw fruits & vegetables.  There is also a pediatrician, Dr. Jay Gordon, talking about children’s nutrition.  The only problems I think are that you can’t play the whole DVD at once(or if you can it’s difficult to figure out) and that the kids didn’t eat any raw greens.  The children are between 6 months and 5 years old and the chapters (separated by food) are 7 minutes each.

They were so excited to watch it.  Both daughters laughed, played with food, listened and watched the kids and ate along with them, saving most of the foods for that portion of the DVD.  My oldest daughter excitedly requested which she wanted to watch next.  We didn’t watch them all.  At some point I went into the kitchen to work on dinner and when I came back all the fruits & veggies were gone.

Decor 'Blue panicle after Riemerschmid', Servi...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My oldest daughter talked my ear off about what the little girls and boys were doing on the DVD…how food can be “a roller coaster”  and helped me finish dinner.  All night she talked about Copy Kids.  Several days later she’s doing the same thing, and eating more of the foods I give her.  She is definitely easier to feed after watching Copy Kids.  She is a lot less paranoid about eating things she didn’t specifically ask for.  It seems that creating positive memories around food is very powerful.

I think Copy Kids is a great idea, and a great way to help transition kids into eating more diverse and healthy foods.  As it turns out Copy Kids has different volumes in the works to include dental hygiene, and other issues you might need the extra kid-endorsement to bring into your kid’s lives.  Soon I’m going to introduce Copy Kids to children who eat less diverse diets.  My daughters already eat a lot of raw fruits and vegetables, but I definitely have to work to get them to eat what I want sometimes.   I can’t wait to see how kids react who don’t normally eat much produce, and I’m very interested in the subsequent versions of Copy Kids.

Kids at shore
Kids at shore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Because children learn best from other children”…I want you to make your job easier and spread the word about Copy Kids. Luckily for one of you, Copy Kids will give away a free copy to a subscriber!  All you need to do is subscribe and post below why you want a copy of Copy Kids with the name/email address you subscribe with. 

The entry period will end on May 30th.  Good luck!

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