Getting Back in Shape

I’m losing my mind. Not in the crazy way (although there is that, too).

You know how former football stars and prom queens miss their high school glory days? I miss my high school brain.

I had a fine-tuned brain that could tackle anything. It was reliable and fast. It was award-winning. It won scholarships for college and even graduate school.

After 19 years of vigorous training (i.e., school, school, and more school) and a decade in a stimulating career, my brain is starting to go slack now that we are sitting around at home. Not that doing laundry and sweeping the floor, teaching a baby to walk and talk, all while figuring out when to take a shower isn’t challenging and all… but… you understand.

Right? You understand? If you don’t, then I can’t explain it. 

Now, my brain is getting a little flabby around the middle. It has crows’ feet and laugh lines. It’s going silver at the temple. It’s not as limber as it used to be. Mental gymnastics are getting harder.

My brain is starting to feel stiff.

So I’ve decided to do what anybody missing their high school athleticism and good looks does: I’m putting my brain on a regimen of diet and exercise. (Just in time for my 20th high school reunion this August.)

My brain is going to be eating less junk food. Hey brain, that means less Facebook!

Instead of sitting around on the couch online, seeking meaning and connection, my brain and I are  going to get up and do some exercise!

In other words, I’m going to keep a book by my side and read a couple pages throughout the day instead of picking up my iPhone. We might finish a book a week.

I’m not going to make my brain go cold turkey. I’m going to set aside a little time each day for checking social media. It’s going to be a meal. No more snacking!

Second, we are going to make more of an effort to get out and socialize. Maybe–and I know I say this every couple of years–maybe, I will even start calling people on the phone.

The third part of our workout routine includes this blog. My brain and I are going to write thoughtful posts about life, memories, politics, food, creative pursuits… We will be cross-training.

Like many people, I need a work-out partner to keep me motivated. A class with a tough instructor is even better!

So… come along with us. Share your thoughts, your ideas. Give your brain a little exercise. Give my brain some nourishing food!

Won’t you join us?

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10 thoughts on “Getting Back in Shape

  1. This is a great post. I couldn’t agree more. I am always making the same goals to do things differently. Exercise for your brain, love it!

  2. I’m in. I have been trying to write more, and read more too. I love the idea of a book club. And also being more social. Maybe we can do this together?!

  3. Great post! And…a great way to protect ourselves from Alzheimer’s someday. There is so much to the world to stimulate our brains!

  4. You know all the research says doing brain exercise is important. You could get the Nintendo DS and buy the brain games. I got it for my dad. Also, I read a lot and I find it a great way to keep the mind engaged. But I have to remember to pepper all the fiction with some non-fiction. I know time is probably at a premium but join a book club. Getting out one evening a month or so is good for the mind as well. If you don’t have a book club to join create one with other women in your neighborhood who are home with kids too. I think this is a fabulous idea.

    1. Yes! A book club is a great idea. Thanks for suggesting it. That would fit so many needs right now…

  5. That sounds like a great idea. I always tell myself that I don’t use facebook, and yet I find myself checking it several times a day. I would much rather read more, like you, or try to improve my poor math skills.

    1. Yes! My math skills have completely deteriorated, though I can still calculate a tip! Now that my daughter is in school, I’m looking forward to helping her with her homework and relearning. Thanks for reading and for your comment. My baby has perfect timing–just woke up from his nap.

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