A lighter take on the TIME Magazine Cover: Are You Mom Enough?

I finally extricated myself from my still-nursing 18-month old and wishes-she-were-still-nursing six-year old long enough to write this post!

A lot has already been said about this cover. It’s provocative and exploitative on purpose! Just to sell copies! It’s not what breast-feeding a toddler really looks like!

Yes, yes, and absolutely yes, but everybody is missing a few key points.

Read them. They are below. You will laugh.

TIME Magazine Cover: Are You Mom Enough? – May 21, 2012 – Parenting – Mother – Babies – Children – U.S..

1. That woman is not wearing any kind of support: no nursing bra, not even a nursing tank. I don’t care if she’s 26, after three years of nursing, there is noooo way her boobs are still that perky without some good supportive undergarments.

Please, TIME, at least show her in a good nursing bra…. or get real about the sag…the stretch marks…the boobs that hang every which way, that have to be ARRANGED in one’s tank top to ensure the nipples are approximately symmetrical looking.

After my combined 40 months of breast-feeding two children, I know of what I speak.

2. Speaking of wardrobe, why in the world is that kid dressed in camo? Three-year olds are so sneaky. They run away and hide, giggling at your frustration as you try to find them. Why would you ever want to make it even easier for them to hide from you? Camo!

Plus, who wants to dress their child as cannon fodder? Just saying.

Aside: I do not like the phrase, “Just saying.” If you extended that phrase, it would be: “I’m just SAYING these words that may be controversial. I don’t actually MEAN them. I didn’t actually THINK them. I didn’t go through the trouble of forming an opinion that I believe is worth standing behind. There is no power of conviction backing up my beliefs. I’m JUST SAYING!”

3. I wonder if this article talks about the weight-loss benefits of breast-feeding. I didn’t read the article, since I’m not a TIME subscriber, but the women in the pictures have clearly taken advantage of the fact that the baby-weight just slides off after you’ve nursed for a year or so. It’s so wonderful. Breast-feeding burns about 300 calories a day. In fact, I bet these women are actually on the Paleo diet. I bet, as part of their Neo-Paleo lifestyles, they are breast-feeding just as long as modern day hunter-gatherers do, and therefore, our paleolithic ancestors must have.

In fact, TIME, here’s a cover we would all like to see. “Are you PALEO enough?” TIME, you could show a really cute, albeit scruffy, guy eating a squirrel and dandelion greens. He could wear a deer hide loin cloth. How sexy would that be???

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6 thoughts on “A lighter take on the TIME Magazine Cover: Are You Mom Enough?

  1. I’m cracking up. So glad I’m not the only one who has to “arrange” my breasts in my tank top! I’m going on my 65th month of breastfeeding. In this last pregnancy my midwife said to me “wow, you’ve got great nursing nipples.” I wanted to choke her.

    1. So glad to bring you some laughter! The “arrangement” is some seriously funny stuff, considering I’m a left-side producer…. they are not nearly the same size anymore. Ah, well. The kids and hubby don’t care… Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Oh thank heavens! Someone who has the absolute right perspective about this cover! I tried wearing a real bra the other day because the stretchy sleep nursing bra I wear everyday was getting a little ripe and I didn’t want to actually do laundry. It was a bad decision. I don’t even think my boobs were as perky as CoverMom’s when I was 17.

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