Windows and Mirrors

Windows and Mirrors

I mix up the words “window” and “mirror” more often than not.

It makes sense. They are both reflective glass surfaces. My brain probably stores the two terms right next to each other in my mental lexicon.

That’s a thing. Really. Maybe you’ll get lucky and I’ll post my riveting senior thesis on bimorphemic verb homophones. (Cue laughter!)

Okay, well, probably not.

Back to windows and mirrors. It’s occurred to me that social media–especially blogs and Facebook–serve as a window into other people’s lives. We open the window to our thoughts, our feelings, our souls. We peer through others’ windows as we read about their lives, look at their pictures. We see some version of their self–their iSelf.

Recent research has been looking into whether sharing so much of yourself online is a sign

of increased narcissism or openness.

In other words, are we opening a window or looking at a mirror?

What are we looking for when we go online?

Are we looking for ourselves? Are we looking for recognition? Recognition of our own experiences, thoughts, feelings in somebody’s else’s words.

Are we looking for some kind of validation of our lives? A connection? A reflection?

A mirror.

We are looking for a recognition of ourselves in the universal human experience. Or, should I say, Youniversal?

We can never truly understand anybody else. We can try. But everything is filtered through our own experiences, perspectives, frameworks.

So all those windows end up being mirrors.

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7 thoughts on “Windows and Mirrors

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    1. Good advice, Rufina! I often feel like a multi-faceted crystal, reflecting whomever I’m with. Different surfaces match up with surfaces on others. Different people bring out, enhance, create resonance with certain parts of me. Do you know what I mean?

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