Yoga aSaga

Two Sundays ago, I decided staying in bed as long as possible was preferable to anything else, including going to yoga with my husband.

Dedicated to fitness (and routine) as he is, my husband still went.

He had lost his mat, so he took my yoga mats. (Yes, mats. I have to use two because my knees need the padding. After all, I am 38 and a half!)

Two days later (yep, that’s right, on a Tuesday), I was getting ready to go to yoga and couldn’t find my mats anywhere! Where did he put them? They weren’t in either car, under the bed, or behind the couch. I decided to go ahead and go, and just use the floor and one of those awful, sweat-slimed, foam pads they provide at the gym for my poor aging knees.

I got to the gym, and in a fit of inspiration, practicality, and need, I decided to buy a mat from the gym store and give my husband his birthday present early. (We sometimes meet during the week for yoga. Yes, I know, we live a charmed life. Don’t be envious. It’s not always rosy. We do have four kids. Remember that: FOUR kids.)

ECOfitness. Uh huh.

Chatting before class, I joked with him, “Happy Birthday. Here’s your birthday present.” We talked about the mat, poked fun at the model’s posture (check out her shoulders!), and I complained about how slippery it was.

He asked me if one of the sides was absorbent, so I began scrutinizing the label and found THIS:

Toxic Yoga Mat

Great. A toxic yoga mat. An “Ecofitness” yoga mat that causes cancer. Could you print that Proposition 65 warning any smaller?

Talk about “greenwashing!”

Calling something “eco” and including a picture of a green leaf doesn’t mean anything anymore.

It off-gassed through the class, as the instructor kept reminding us to breathe deeply.

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8 thoughts on “Yoga aSaga

  1. “Greenwashing” indeed, I’ve never heard that term before, but I could go on and on about, thanks for the education. In Kundalini yoga a lot of people don’t use traditional yoga mats. I personally really, really don’t like most yoga mats and I’m on an ongoing search for all the ones that I consider to be actually useful for yoga, at least to me.

    1. Thanks for your comment. So I’m curious: I’ve heard of kundalini yoga but don’t really know what it is. What distinguishes it? Also, today I used the floor with a mat beneath my knees. I really need padding for my knees and tailbone, but otherwise the floor seems to be just fine. What do you use?

      1. Sorry didn’t see this before. What distinguishes Kundalini Yoga that’s a tough question…there’s a lot of things really. I’ve been trying to come up with a succinct answer for the past 8 years that I’ve been a teacher and I just can’t. I also have to give it away in little doses. Finally I started a blog in which I will hopefully create a thorough view of how distinct Kundalini Yoga is and why, I have a little bit posted at I usually use a blanket, natural mat and/or pillow or some combination thereof. A lot of K. yogis use sheepskin mats as well as well many different types of mats. Including hemp and bamboo.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked that 🙂 I was struggling with the title and then that just came to me. My husband thought it was funny that now I’m doing wordplay in Sanskrit. Not that I know any Sanskrit except for yoga terms from the gym 😉

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