Fluoride is awesome; cavities… not so much

I just got back from the dentist.

Scrape, scrape, scrape… I had a lot of tartar behind my front lower teeth. “A jacket” is how the hygienist described it.

The dentist told me I have four small cavities between my teeth. Four. They’re small, and we’ll just “watch” them for now.

I never had cavities as a kid.

At least, I never had a cavity until I moved to this otherwise-great state that does not fluoridate its water.

And still, I only had one cavity. It was when I was 16. I was mortified.

A cavity? Me? I always brush my teeth twice a day. Always. When I was little, I used to sneak my toothbrush to bed with me in the sleeve of my nightgown, so I could brush my teeth just a little bit longer.

When I went to the dentist six months ago, it had been the first time in about a year.

Again, I had a cavity.

Why had I not gone to the dentist in over a year? I have always gone to the dentist every six months, just like I vote in every election. I’m responsible like that.

But that was the crazy year I was pregnant, and having crisis after crisisgetting sued and getting married; becoming a step-mother and remodeling a house. And–don’t forget!–had a premature baby.

Somehow, I didn’t make it to the dentist during all of that.

Last time, not only did I have a cavity, I had (have) receding gums and had to get grafts and implants below the front teeth and entire left side. I’m due to go back for the other side.

I’m dreading it. Having stitches in your gums for three weeks is torture.

I’ve been SUCH A GOOD FLOSSER the past six months.

But apparently it hasn’t been enough.

The dentist recommended a fluoride rinse or some $16 dollar high-fluoride toothpaste.

He said it should help, since we don’t fluoridate our water.

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3 thoughts on “Fluoride is awesome; cavities… not so much

  1. I’m a part of too many teeth discussions right now and over the past few years. There’s a lot of interesting advice some of the best is from the book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye and the website, which I’m sure you could find if you searched. I actually think its great your state doesn’t flouridate your water. Especially since the flouride used in that practice has so many negative side effects. In the aforementioned protocol the dentist, Dr. Ellie asserts that flouride is only to be used topically and not ingested. Best of all you can get some seriously cheap versions of optimal flouride in the regular Crest toothpaste and Act mouthwash. I can’t possibly get into it all because I’m just implementing all this stuff myself, after trying a lot of different option over the last 8 or so years and there are actually several options and different perspectives, but I’d look into that book and website and you might find interest in this thread with a few other links: http://www.lfrvfamilies.com/forum/topics/keeping-teeth-healthy?commentId=6368486%3AComment%3A12481

    1. Yes–the dentist said the ACT toothpaste was a good option. We have so many more kids with cavities in our state in comparison to our neighbors to the North, and the only real difference is that they have fluoridated water and we don’t. I know it’s a big debate, but I feel pretty comfortable with it… fluoride is fluoride! Thanks for the links and I wish you well with your dental health adventures!

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