Fish Wives

Neglected Wives Sell Fishing Rods

At the dentist’s office yesterday, I flipped open a magazine to read about the “Girl Hunter.”

I was immediately mystified by an ad inside the front cover.

It showed a well-dressed, angry woman trying to bend some curving thing.

I read the words tracing the curve, and finally clued in.

This woman couldn’t break the indestructible Ugly Stik and was upset she couldn’t sabotage her husband’s fishing trip.

I saw a link to ‘meet’ more of ‘the wives’ on YouTube and got a sick feeling in my stomach.

Ugly Stik Wives Uncut #1 – YouTube

That is some great acting! Their emotions are so strong. They are jilted wives, cheated-upon, neglected.


They are sad and angry that their husbands are off with the good ol’ boys, having fun, while they are at home, alone or with the kids, working, cleaning, cooking, and resenting every minute of it.

They depict these women lacking lives of their own, and resenting that men feel entitled to pursue their interests.

These women are expressing one of the basic underlying causes of marital conflict: the women want to spend time with their husbands. And they want them to WANT to spend time with them.

Why? They love them. And they also might want to have sex!

Experienced husbands know: you get in proportion to what you give. Or as I always say, “A happy wife is a horny wife.” I know, that’s so terribly cheesy. But it’s true! And I don’t mean it in a quid pro quo way… you just have to invest in your relationship if you want to have a healthy, satisfying, pleasurable partnership. It’s simple Game Theory!

With all that in mind…

Why do so many commercials aired at men fan the flames of the War of the Sexes?

Why do they try to sell the idea that your wife is a nagging mother-figure, restricting your fun and freedom, wanting you to take responsibility at home?

Why do they perpetuate the idea that an imbalance of responsibility and fun is the norm in marriages?

Could it be that they are trying to tap into a latent vein of adolescent rebellion.. and the way to rebel is to go off with the good ol’ boys?

How do ads like this make you feel?

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10 thoughts on “Fish Wives

  1. My Madmen obsession is being triggered here. Obviously the target audience (market) for this ad is men. Most of the women are hot. They want the men like crazy. The men are so cool they care more about that fishing pole than the hot women who are crazy for their desire for more time/attention/sex with the men. Its pretty ridiculous, which is why it is so funny. The truth is that in real life I think most men are secretly afraid of the fact that capable, beautiful women don’t really need them. And face it, in real life those women would say, FINE, if you are going fishing, after work and my pilates class, I am going to go out and have fun without you, and you might lose me. The audience knows that and the advertisers know that. They are tapping into one of men’s greatest fears and offering a solution: This amazing fishing pole will fulfill your dreams. I especially love the not so subtle tagline: The strongest most sensitive rod on earth. These guys are escaping the complications and real needs of these intimidating women to have some alone time with their rods. Internet porn, anyone?

    1. You’re so right! I didn’t even touch on the sexual innuendo–thanks for pointing that out! That theme of neglecting wives is so disturbing.

  2. The advertising discussion again… yes, I believe the goal is to tap into the most drama-filled possibility and ram it into our subconscious so we believe we’re deciding to “be cool” on our own. Rather that is by feeling like a rebel and asserting our independence from our spouse, parents, kids, community, etc. or asserting our superior ability to control and martyr for our spouse, parents, kids, community, etc. By believing in commercial role models who look really “bad ass” going off whenever they please, or who wear the coolest clothes and go to the coolest parties and are “just for girls”. I’m not sure what I’m saying except that this is one of my biggest pet peeves. My daughter didn’t get the whole gender and pink thing until we came to visit my mom and became surrounded by TV noise 24/7 and despite the time limits I put on TV for her, I still have to counterpoint a lot of this crap on a regular basis. I’ve just told her almost everything you see on commercials is false.

    1. Well said!
      Seems like the basic formula is: “Make people feel bad. Position our product as something that will make them feel better. People buy product, but don’t feel better. Offer another product.”

      The hole keeps getting bigger and bigger, and people keep buying more things to try to fill it.

  3. Kamellia73,
    I’ll try to tame it down here, as Le Clown’s alter-ego in real life is one loudmouth when it comes to these issues, but in a nutshell, media loves promoting war of the sexes as they – and the society we live in – enjoy gender bending our kids at a very early age. There’s a lot of money to be made by doing so… We’ll have coffee around that topic one day…
    Le Clown

    1. Oh, untame yourself! I would love to hear your rant on this. Did you see my post on pink clothes for boys?

      1. Kamellia,
        No, I did not! I must read that! What about the new LEGO aimed for girls, with pink blocks, and you can build them as hairdressers, socialites and singers?
        Le Clown

        1. I know! I’m of two minds about that. Maybe more. First, LEGOS are already appealing to girls. Second, I like pink and it’s nice to see some other options besides ships and castles. Third, I don’t like seeing pink ghettoized as a girl-only color (my 20 month old son plays with lots of pink items and likes to put barrettes in his hair, and I’m waiting to see what happens when he starts to gender-differentiate). Fourth, I think there will be both girls and boys who like those items. Fifth, it’s outrageous and patronizing to think that girls will only play with LEGOS if they’re pink. Sixth, if that will get more girls playing with LEGOS, cool. Seventh, as long as they don’t say things like, “Math is hard” (a la, Barbie), I’m happy with hairdressers and singers as legitimate role models for my kids. Eighth, oh, I’m running out of room and can’t tell if I made this point already, but I hope that pink can get integrated with the other colors, as it were, instead of just seen as a girls-only color, tainted in some way, and that if the pink LEGOS get mixed in with the rest and the little boys play with them too, then that’s a good thing. Whew.

          1. Kamellia,
            It’s not just the pink per se that I am having problems with… Actually, the fact that it is gender-bended for girls pisses me off. Pink is probably one of the colours that look the best on me… We start segregating what’s for girls and what’s for boys at such a young age. What really pisses me off is the “career” choices LEGO gave to women… Hairdresser… Sure…. But what about doctor, or bulldozer driver, or race car driver?
            Le Clown

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