Readers’ Appreciation Award

What a lovely surprise! I opened my email today and discovered that Nanny Naturale nominated my blog for the Readers’ Appreciation Award.

Nanny Naturale writes an engaging blog about parenting with a free spirit and open heart. She inspires me in so many ways. Go check her out!

The rules of the award are as follows:
1) Thank the person who nominated you, linking back to their blog.

2) Tell some things about yourself.

3) Nominate other blogs with links.

4) Let the nominees know that you chose them.

1) Thank you so much, Nanny Naturale. It’s such a lovely surprise. I really appreciate the ongoing conversations we have through our blogs.

2) Some things about me:

A) I like a clean, tidy house, but hate don’t like doing housework.

B) I’m a public health consultant, learning to work from home after 10 years in local and state public health departments coordinating tobacco prevention programs.

C) Misused quotation marks drive me crazy. The other day at the grocery store, there were signs for ‘”Fresh” Strawberries’ and ‘”Organic” Corn.’ Well, are they or aren’t they? When people want to put quotation marks on a sign, I think they should say the phrase, “so-called,” before the word(s) they want to put quotation marks around…I call this “the irony test.”

D) I love thunderstorms.

E) I’ve been vegetarian–mainly vegan–for over 20 years.

3) Nominate other blogs with links.

A) The Book of Alice is about the FUNNY things said by Alice, a smart and cheeky little girl, whose pee looks like glitter. Her mom is so clever to bring attention to her daughter’s witticisms. This blog ALWAYS makes me laugh, usually out loud.

B) Laura’s Rules is written by an environmental lawyer and lobbyist who is also a mother. She reflects upon parenting within the context of a world full of toxic consumer products and shares her tips and resources. This blog is always insightful, informative, and helpful.

C) Science of Mom is about “The Heart and Science of Parenting” and is written by a mother with a Ph.D. in Nutrition. She synthesizes the evidence base on topics many moms–and dads–care about: breastfeeding, dental health, organic vs. conventional milk, and more,  and shares the information in a helpful, readable way. She also writes thoughtful, relatable pieces about life as a mom.

I’m not sure if there is a limit on the number of blogs one can nominate for this award, so here’s a fourth:

D) SweatGlow is another laugh-out-loud blog with excellent, plant-based recipes and beautiful photos. The writer has a smart-ass sense of humor that comes from her heart. I just love it.


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13 thoughts on “Readers’ Appreciation Award

  1. I love your nominations kamellia…and I love the convo’s we have via the blogosphere as well. I’m a reformed writer. I studied writing in high school and college and it restricted me so much I made myself unlearn as much as I could. Therefore, my grammar, though better than most, is really relaxed compared to what it used to be. I don’t think I use quotations like that though, because you are so right…I think I would nitpick at that grocery store confusion as well…but let me go double check! I’m glad to learn more about you. Really curious about your good work!

    I would love to do more with my daughter’s wacky quotes as well…she pees pink, nowadays, btw. smh…you know I love pink, right?

    1. Thanks! I should really stop ranting about grammar/punctuation on this blog, because one of these days somebody’s going to call me on all my imperfect usage! It’s fun to joke about, though. I’m turning into a bit of a curmudgeon as I’m nearing 40. Ha!
      That clinches it: my next post is going to be a collection of my daughter’s quotations over the past few years. I’d love to hear about your daughter and her pink pee 🙂
      I think you’ll especially like the SweatGlow blog. She has fabulous recipes.

  2. You are such an awesomesauce I want to dry hump your leg right now. THANK YOU! Love how you described Sweatglow, I may just have to borrow that description (and link to you, obvs!).

    Although now that I found all these new blogs to read I’ll never get any writing done. So there, you ruined that.

    lol thanks again!!

  3. Thanks for the nomination, Kamellia! I feel oh-so-appreciated, truly:) That’s nice after a hard day’s blogging. And thank you for being such a lovely reader and commenter on my blog!

  4. Oh my word, I love your description of the book of alice. May I repeat it (giving due credit and, of course, a link back to you)?

    And thanks for being such a bright and shiny commenter. I’m always excited to see what you have to say. Because you are super-de-dooper-de-booper (get the Dr.Seuss reference?)!

    1. Of course! As long as you use the quotation marks properly!

      And, thank you. You’re fun to joke around with.

      P.S. I’ve been collecting quotations from my daughter for years–I used to post them regularly on Facebook–and one of these days I’m going to get around to making a page for them, a la Book of Alice.

      Here’s a preview: “Don’t laugh at me, or I’ll sue!”

        1. Oh, dare I dream?
          I’m actually pretty happy with my readership. I just wish more people would comment. “People” meaning my friends and family and stalkers from high school that are somehow my “friends” on Facebook. I know they’re reading, but there’s this eery silence! Other bloggers comment, and that’s where the fun is. Thanks for your post–it was funny and kind.

          1. I completely agree. It is gratifying that so many “strangers” read/follow/comment. It would be nice to have more chit chat from the people who really know the flesh and blood kidling.

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