Go Bananas! Go, Go Bananas!

Monkey See, Monkey Do!

We gave the Copy Kids DVD another try.

This time we watched “Bananas” which, incidentally, included kids peeling bananas and eating them.

It worked!

Let’s see, which part do I bite?
Hey, this is pretty good!
I can’t take my eyes away from these cute kids.

He ate about half the banana. A record!

The other half still ended up on the floor. But that’s “par.”


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5 thoughts on “Go Bananas! Go, Go Bananas!

  1. A love for bananas is a great thing to develop! Ready-to-eat and “prepackaged” healthy snack. :). Cute photos of your little one.

    1. Thanks! I’m so relieved he’s eating them. He’s been boycotting so many things. But not only is he eating them again, he’s also saying, “nana.”

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