Mighty Mite

A discussion about quantum physics between my daughter and my husband:

What’s the smallest thing in the world?

“A quark.”


“A quark.”

What’s that?

“A sub-atomic particle.”

Well. It’s not smaller than a breadcrumb.

Are you trickin' me?
Are you trickin’ me?

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7 thoughts on “Mighty Mite

  1. Hi Grammar Geek,,
    And breadcrumbs help you find your way back from WHEREVER! How’s that for awesomeness?
    Le Clowm

        1. Excellent points, Le Clown!
          And I must apologize for choosing “astute” when I meant “acute.”
          That’s what I get for commenting on WordPress first thing after dragging myself out of bed. The children are putting shoes in the dishwasher. I must go!

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