Let’s Send All the Vegans to Outerspace

What did the caveman say to the astronaut?

“You go on ahead. I’m dying here.”

Okay, that may have been the worst ever attempt at a joke comparing the Paleo and Vegan diets, but after reading the following news story, I couldn’t resist.

Mars Menu: NASA Plans Astro-Food For 2030s Mission To Red Planet.

NASA scientists are hard at work planning the diet for the upcoming space mission to Mars.

Blast off!

“Upcoming,” as in 2030.

That’s the foreseeable future.

Instead of Tang and freeze-dried ice cream, these lucky space cowboys will be eating a plant-based diet featuring tofu and nuts.

I’m not kidding.

They are developing a diet for optimal nutrition and flavor, as well as ease of production, preparation, and storage.

And that diet is vegan.

Welcome to the future!

And you may try to top my lead-in joke (please), as long as it doesn’t feature soylent green.

Soylent green was people and that’s just not a sustainable diet.

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