She Says the Darndest Things

My Sweet Girl says the Darndest Things. 

Her language is as colorful as her personal style.

Over the years, I’ve kept a record of the hilarity.

Here is an assortment for your reading pleasure.

Upon arriving home:

The house looks different. It’s clean.

Completing an analogy in kindergarten:

A is to apple as D is to… doom.

Preparing to leave the house:

In winter, the most important thing is to toast babies.

In the car:

Should we text SONG and find out the last 3 songs? We don’t need to do everything ads tell us to. Ramble, ramble, ramble… And everyone would die. Isn’t that right, mommy?…um… I’m not sure. Can you say that again?…If people did everything that ads told them to, they wouldn’t have time to make babies, and there wouldn’t be any more people….hahahahahaha!…Why are you laughing?…Because you’re right.

During a heated debate:

But mommy, I didn’t even know you HAVE feelings!

Explaining Heaven:

If you believe in something, it’s true!

Vocational aspirations:

Mommy when I grow up I will be a mother and a teacher. I’ll have lots of money.

All the time:

Don’t laugh at me or I’ll sue.

Don’t Laugh at Me. I’ll Sue.

For more “Darndest Things” check back every Tuesday.

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