Copy-Kids DVD Contest

Get your kids to eat their veggies!

The fantastic folks at Copy-Kids have offered to give away a free DVD to a lucky reader of The Life of Kylie! The kids in this DVD are soooo cute as they eat entire heads of broccoli and carefully pull the leaves off their strawberries. I kid you not. Check them out here:

Are you ready for another round of throw the veggies???

You can read about the gustatory miracles that began to happen in our household after I won a copy for my family a few months back. I was skeptical at first, but it has truly helped my Little Guy Go Bananas over bananas, and eat a wider variety of fruits and veggies. Click the links to read more about the DVD and how it works.

As a health educator, I can say that Copy-Kids uses an excellent technique to encourage kids to eat their fruits and veggies: role-modeling, also called social learning, or simply, Monkey-See, Monkey-Do!

Contest Rules

Leave a comment below describing your most desperate creative strategy for getting more fruits and veggies into your family’s diet.

If you have blogged about this, feel free to provide a link.

I’ll pick the winner November 1, 2012.

Extra points for being funny!

Thank you to Copy-Kids for sponsoring this contest.

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16 thoughts on “Copy-Kids DVD Contest

  1. This was a tough contest. Lots of great ideas. But the contest goes to Emily, since she has to trick herself as well as her little one! Congrats Emily!

  2. 1. Put fruits and/or vegetables in front of them at mealtime.
    2. limit less nutritious food.
    3. engage child in planting garden, selecting food from market or preparing food in kitchen.
    4. eat, enjoy, repeat.

  3. My daughter has, much to my chagrin, proudly and publicly announced on several occasions that she is a vegetarian who doesn’t like vegetables. I explained that it makes her a Macaroni and Cheese-atarian.
    I have this wonderful book that we pull out when we are trying to “sell” a vegetable to her called The World’s Healthiest Foods. It talks about where things are sourced from, the food’s history, what to look for when shopping. She loves the information and we all learn as a family. The conversation has helped lead to (drum roll, please), a total of six kinds of vegetables that she eats regularly, including spinach added to her diet just this year. YAY!!!! I was getting a little worried….

    1. Sounds like a great book! I’ll have to check it out. Maybe it will influence our older boys. My daughter is the poster-child for eating vegetables, which used to make me feel somewhat smug and superior until I was “gifted” with a Little Guy who won’t eat fresh fruit or most vegetables (unless they are in “chip” form, like kale chips). Parents can only do so much…but we have to keep trying!

  4. 9 Months old, so no far no problem—as LONG AS IT IS SQUASH! Thats right, ALL SQUASH. Bannas, Apples, Pears…..we are working on this….this video sounds interesting…..

  5. My little one is only 16 months old so initially I was puréeing kale, onions, garlic, and squash and adding it to his morning eggs. Now he loves steamed carrots ( I googled yesterday if it was bad to eat too many carrots) because that is our go-to vegetable. I coat broccoli and cauliflower in butter for him, I hide veggies in quiche etc but really he’s at a picky stage so I just do the best I can !

      1. Ha ha. No, no picky as in has the smallest appetite so only eats one bite of things! Also, no need to read my blog; it was just an assignment for a class a couple years ago. It’s not a personal project of mine! Xo

  6. Kylie,
    Our strategy is easy. We tell our kids: Eat your fruits and veggies, or you will have to watch a Honey Boo Boo marathon. It works everytime.
    Le Clown

  7. Oh my gosh, I’d love to learn how to get my family to eat vegetables! I’d love to learn how to eat vegetables! I wish I had a great story about my creative attempts… but the problem is I eat like a 4 year old (mainly chicken nuggets, mini pizzas, and peanut butter sandwiches.) I have creatively tricked myself into eating mushrooms by adding them to our chicken lettuce wraps (Oh and lettuce! Sneaky!) and I’ve started sneaking bell peppers into our fajitas. I even got myself to eat avocado by getting pregnant and then craving it 24/7. With my questionable eating habits… I’m nervous about what lies in store for my daughter!

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