Subject: A Good Witch

not to worry; I deal entirely in white magic
thank you. they’re beautiful.

-email to my boyfriend after he sent me flowers with a card saying he was “bewitched”

We’ve been married for two years now.

Sometimes, I read through our first emails to each other, emails that don’t involve kids’ schedules and grocery lists. Tentative emails that quickly grew intimate, knowing.

The emails help me remember the music…the hours we spent holding each other, listening to music, discovering.

Our romance has a soundtrack. Certain songs transport us back. Listen:

 What songs “take you back”?

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14 thoughts on “Subject: A Good Witch

  1. Pure Prairie League’s song “Amy” takes me back to our courting days. I can see us driving to our first date in his T-Top Camero. He eventually sold that car to buy my wedding ring. Now that is love.

  2. Sad now, so soon after the break-up, to think about the songs that take me back to our beginnings. But here is one. Catie Curtis singing Magnolia Street. The line that stands out to me is, “I knew that I loved you the first time you got into my car.”

  3. we have 3 songs.

    this first one was from the very second we fell in love.
    *Bright Eyes. First Day of My Life.

    and then two for our commitment ceremony.
    this one we walked down the aisle to.
    *Whitney Houston. Your love is my love.

    and walked away committed with our community’s support
    *Talking Heads This Must Be the Place

    1. Mitzy, that Bright Eyes song is amazing. I’ve always loved This Must be the Place, though the one I know is Shawn Colvin’s cover. Will listen to the Whitney one too.

      Your ceremony sounds so wonderful. We pretty much eloped, and had a quick ceremony at the top of Mt Tabor. I have a picture somewhere on here of it, and once got a view from someone searching for “obviously pregnant bride”!!!!

      I’m so glad you’re here 🙂

  4. I’m not really the romantic type, so songs don’t take me back in that regard (romance to me is my husband picking up the teachers’ gift cards so I don’t have to, which he’s doing today–Yay!), but some songs take me back to when my boys were little. Songs they heard on the radio that they wanted to hear over and over again, like Will Smith’s ‘Miami” (who knows why?) Now whenever I hear that song, I think of my oldest when he was three saying, “Play Mami song, Mommy, play Mami song.”

    1. Good husband! Good, good husband!

      Your story about the kids is really cute.

      My 7 year old thinks I can just get the radio to play whatever song she wants. She’s been asking for Florence and the Machine a lot.

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

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