Let’s Play Fictionary!

When Alice Kidling over-rupts,

The Mercenary Researcher feels iration,

Which is precisely what I attempt not to feel,

When my husband suffers from premature navigation.

New words are just spellightful,

In English or Franglais,

And though Ms. Snarky Pants might call this ‘punography,’

It’s a way to pass the days.

Let’s Play Fictionary™! (It’s a game.)

Do you coin new words? Do you smash words together? Are you a neologician?

Then… step right up!

1. Write a blog post (or two or three) with your word or funny phrase, complete with part of speech and definition, à la:

Poopidemic (noun): 1) when all the babies in the childcare center poop at the same time; 2) when the one baby in your household poops several times in one day’

2. Tag your post  “Fictionary.”

3. Grab a badgeFictionary copy

4. Link your post (and the badge) back to this post, using URL: https://thelifeofkylie.com/2013/01/01/lets-play-fictionary/

5. Enter as many times as you want.

The top ten will earn a much-coveted spot in my Fictionary™.

The grand prize winner will win a batch of my Recrimination Muffins.*

Game Ends: Feb. 28, 2013

Keep it PG-13, people.

Game on!

*Or other vegan muffin recipe of your choice.**

**But these are seriously delicious. They’re delirious. Wait. That’s already a word, isn’t it?


Click here to see the fabulous entries and the winner!

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73 thoughts on “Let’s Play Fictionary!

  1. I’m here in support of Miss SnarkyPants, who happens to be my blogging bestie. Why do you care? You don’t, but her fictionary definitions are so awesome I thought I’d bask in the glow of her wake for awhile and get a tan because being tan is awesome in an 80s, pre-sunscreen, pre-cancerous melanoma kind of way.

  2. This sounded fun but way to complicated for me to figure out. I got here via some Snarky Pants page cuz she’s a woman and she said I had come over here to do something and I find life easiest when I just do what women say. I hope his helps her with whatever is going on.

        1. Now you’re making me giggle, Sheri. Considering I know you must be doing it one-handed, I’m very impressed. Thanks for the support, my friend. 🙂 Kylie, if you aren’t reading Sheri’s blog, I highly recommend it. Sheri’s a true wordsmith.

  3. Just to tell you Miss Snarky Pants is a favorite of mine and her fictionary post rocks. Read your post, I’ll follow. Need more humor. women seem to be the only good source.

    1. Hey, Tom! Yes, you definitely should follow Kylie. She’s hilarious. Without her inspiration, I wouldn’t have blogged that last post. Oh, she’s also my evil twin. Or maybe I’m the evil twin. Or maybe we’re brothers from another mother. No, that’s not right, either. Hmmm.

              1. I’d like to dedicate this book to Miss Snarky Pants, for helping me channel the mind of my book’s serial killer during those painful hours she had me duct taped and confined…

  4. Chlamydiot. I can’t take credit for that one as I heard it on the hilarious cartoon Archer. I just wanted to share. I want to use it so bad it burns. Oh wait…

  5. You’ve thrown down the gauntlet! How could I not partake – especially with the promised possibility of Recrimination Muffins? I never claimed to be a good vegan, but I am a hungry one. Is there a deadline?

      1. Being the good little lemming that I am, I’m just here for the muffins! Wait … I’m just here to vote for Ms. Snarky Pants’ muffin top, that’s it! Write that down.

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