Things Three-Year-Olds Say about Getting Dressed

You Can’t Make Me

Regarding Pants:

I will never, ever, ever wear pants!

“Why not?”

Because they are too thin, and too wide, and too comfortable!


Stop laughing, stop laughing, stop laughing! It’s not funny!

Regarding Layering:

I’m going to throw you in the garbage! And put poop on you!

You macaroni cheese!

I’m not going to play with you anymore!

You’re the meanest mommy!

It’s not fair to wear two clothes!

People don’t wear TWO clothes!!

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13 thoughts on “Things Three-Year-Olds Say about Getting Dressed

    1. Hi Anna. Thanks for the visit. Your little guy is seriously dedicated to the layering! I can appreciate that. Just don’t let him know “people don’t wear TWO clothes!”

  1. My daughter isn’t three yet, but dressing her is already a nightmare. And… she has called her grandmother (who we call Sho-Sho) Stupid Sho-Sho! Yeah, gasp! Anyway, thanks for the funny post, and linking to #findingthefunny this month!

    1. HI Keesha! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂
      Ages 3-4 were SUCH a nightmare. My daughter only wanted to wear “big dresses,” meaning party dresses with bows and tulle. I bought some secondhand and that helped… Luckily, she is 7 now, and wears pants regularly, and is even willing to wear colors other than pink. However, looking back, I realize she was sure cute in all those funky outfits she insisted on (see my post “She Wears the Darndest Things” if you want).
      “Stupid Sho-Sho!” Oh, that must feel awful!!!! Definitely belongs in the “Kids Say the Darndest Things” category.

      It’s cool when bloggers link up and provide a platform for others to share and discover each other–so thank YOU.

    1. Yep!
      My daughter’s 7 now. She’s not as funny anymore. She mostly just says, “I hate you!” Thank goodness I saved her charming bon mots from an earlier, more colorful time.

        1. Girls are more verbal, or so they say.

          Did they ever tell you “You don’t get to come to my birthday party!”? That’s the ultimate insult among preschool girls.

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