The best thing about blogging is making new (virtual) friends. The second best thing: (virtual) pats on the back, like the Inspiring Blogger Award. Thanks Rutabaga!

The Mercenary Researcher

Greetings People,

For some reason lately, I feel like I’m starting a letter with each blog post that I write – so I’m going with that. It feels much more personal with a salutation. And I have always loved writing letters. So, if you have any issues with this direction, please speak loudly into your keyboard to register a complaint. Within 49 hours, I guarantee, you will not garner a response.

During the course of the holiday season, amidst some very disturbing events and stomach flu for me & mine, two bloggers brought me holiday cheer and nominated me for The Very Inspiring Blogger award. I’m deeply touched that there are others out there that read my stuff and for whatever reason, have kept me in their minds. It’s kind of interesting to think that people who have never met me in person, never heard my speaking voice, never seen…

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