Some Things About Vaginas (My Own Monologue)

You just have to read this. Really. Read it.


As if I have to exhort you to read something about vaginas.

Rants from the Crib

A few thoughts on vaginas. I see the word “vagina” batted about a good bit, and not just in my professional journals. Ehem. I see a fair number of vaginas on WordPress, frequently in the name of humor and or just plain old shock value. I agree, the word “vagina” is hilarious. Especially given its frequent overuse. It is, however, frequently used incorrectly, and we must set the record straight.

The vagina is the INSIDE of the lady parts. The part you can stick a finger in. The OUTSIDE part, actually, is called a VULVA. Another hilarious and somewhat disgusting word. I just think the world should know, the outside part (the furry part) is not a vagina, it is a VULVA. (Also referred to as the Bearded Clam). I think people frequently confuse vulva with vagina. If I can see it without sticking a speculum in it, it is…

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11 thoughts on “Some Things About Vaginas (My Own Monologue)

      1. I can see how that would be interesting. The stories she could tell, and apparently does! I will stayed tuned. Thanks! 🙂

  1. I am now better educated. This is a different place I am now, where originially, I did not realize that I did not know what I did not know about vaginas! 😉

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