Wake-Up Call

Running footsteps.

Backdoor slams.

Maybe it’s snowing, I think, and then snuggle more deeply under the covers. It’s Sunday morning and I’m trying to sleep late.


Little Guy cries.

Oh no, what is going on? I begin to wake up.

“Do you have the shop-vac?” my husband shouts.

This propels me out of bed.

Groggy, I stumble down the hall, and ask, “What is going on?”

“B. locked himself in the bathroom and was running the sink and it overflowed. I had to kick down the door,” my husband quickly explains.

“ARGH!!!!! I am constantly telling everyone to keep the bathroom door shut!!”

“Kylie, that’s not helpful right now.”

Silently, I go find the Little Guy. He’s in his room with J., our 13-year old.

He is bewildered, damp, and dressed only in a diaper. I scoop him up and wrap a big blanket around us and hold him.

“Eesh, eesh.”

We lie down on his futon and begin to nurse, listening to the shop-vac.

He breaks off with a big grin, “Vacuum!” This kid loves vacuums.

We eesh some more.

He breaks off again: “Stuck. Bathroom.”

“Yes, you were stuck in the bathroom.”

“Stuck. Bathroom,” he repeats, eyes wide. “Other one,” he requests.

As I roll over to nurse him on the other side, he hops up in the air and lands on his bum, “Splash! Splash!”

“Yes, you splashed in the bathroom. You were stuck. It was scary.”

I spot a chip of paint in his ear.

We eesh some more. My husband finishes with the shop-vac. Little Guy applauds, “Yay!”

We go survey the damage.

“Oh no! Broken!” exclaims the Little Guy, pointing at the door frame.

The door frame is split apart, but the door is still on its hinges. I realize the paint in the Little Guy’s ear is from the door frame.

What Happens When the Little Guy Locks the Door and Turns on the Sink
What Happens When the Little Guy Locks the Door and Turns on the Sink

Later, my husband says he had to choose between kicking down the door or breaking the window. He couldn’t unlock the door and knew the door would hit the Little Guy, but the glass would have been worse.

We all talk about what we could do differently over breakfast. We are solemn and productive, with the exception of my daughter–Little Miss “It’s not my problem!”

I don’t think I’ll have to remind anybody to keep that bathroom door closed from here on out. I wish kids and husbands didn’t have to learn the hard way.

What a wake-up call. 

What close calls have you had with your children?

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11 thoughts on “Wake-Up Call

  1. Don’t you love those relaxed Sunday mornings when the whole family gathers around the hearth to sing you your favorite 70s one-hit-wonder band love songs? Doesn’t happen in your house? Mine either. Great post. I can relate….way too much! =)

  2. My little one is always doing things that could end in disaster. I anticipate many a trip to the hospital over the years. We have been blessed with what I can only describe as a “bruiser”. Glad everybody is OK!

  3. Wait until his little hand can reach the handle (or maybe it already can?) I loved those accordion-shaped door handle covers. If not for those, my toddlers would have opened every door. I always worried one of them would tumble down the stairs. Of course, those safety covers don’t do any good if the door’s left open (hint, hint to the hubbies and older sibs 😉 ). Glad he was okay but sorry about the door!

    1. Thanks–we’ve got to work on people not leaving pan handles, knife handles, etc., over the edge of the kitchen counter too.
      He’s also started climbing up on the bar stools in the kitchen, so nothing is safe.

  4. Yikes so sorry you had such a scare! You need to have the door handles with the little pin hole so you can unlock them from the outside. They are pretty standard on new houses, but maybe you need to replace your door handles on the bathroom and bedrooms.

    1. Yep–the two bedroom doors and bathroom door in that area all have different knobs. Thank you, people who lived here before us. Time for consistency (and time to stop one Little Miss Thing from constantly locking us out of her room, too).

  5. Friends of mine in France (aren’t I a cosmo?) have a funny occupied and vacant sign that you flip before going in (read and green, respectively), and no locking mechanism…you might want to look into something like that.

    1. Yes–I think that’s a good idea. We’re going to replace the doorknob (and door frame!) and will probably install a hook-and-eye lock high up on the door so adult-types can lock it, but child-types cannot 😉

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