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You don’t know what your life is going to look like when you are in the middle of it.  You know the saying “Don’t quit five minutes before the miracle”.  I was thinking about what that even means.  I couldn’t have possible known ten years ago that what I was struggling with would somehow put me where I am now. Or that even 11 months ago, the hardest time of being a mama: sleep deprived, worried and just worn thin thinking I didn’t know how to face another night and not knowing how to do anything differently; would lead me to a now and a way to be of service to other exhausted, beat down mama’s that are too hard on ourselves and trying so hard to keep our little ones safe and well.  That hard stuff also brought me here. So did the good stuff. And there is a…

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  1. This is really fantastic…I am in awe of how well this universal feeling of overwhelm has been described so clearly here. Hang in there anyway, because you are here and because you can. And that is all you ever need to be.

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