Marksisms (noun): 1) Fictionary words invented by my husband (like Chopperazzi), 2) words or phrases made up by anybody named Mark.

Do you like to make up words?

Do you have some ‘isms’?

Do you like muffins?

Then–great news–you are invited to play Fictionary!

Let's Play!
Let’s Play!


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18 thoughts on “Marksisms

      1. To innibulate means to but a nib on something – for example, the jabby point on my wire document rack which required, that day, some for of innibulation to prevent it injuring me further, as it had become disinnibulated at some point in the past.

        1. I haven’t read ANYBODY’s posts today yet… I’m actually working. Like, as in, paid work. Woot! I’ll make my way over to your blog shortly!

    1. Aaahhhh. I KNEW there was another example out there in the blogosphere I wanted to link to. I might have to put another verse on my poem just for this.

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