Yolo and the Other One

Understanding what ‘eesh’ means is critical to understanding the following conversation. 

In case it wasn’t completely clear, click the link, read what’s there, and then come back 🙂

Uwanna eesh.

Uwanna EESH!!!!
Uwanna EESH!!!!

“You want to eesh?”



He points.



He eeshes.

Uwanna othewun.

“You want the other one?”


He points.


We switch sides.


We switch back.

And it goes on and on and on.

When will we cease to eesh?

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8 thoughts on “Yolo and the Other One

  1. He’ll cease to eesh when he’s old enough to start muttering, “Sheesh!”

    That’s as Dr. Seuss as I can possibly get. I did check out what “eesh” means; it prompted me to say, “sheesh!” I so didn’t see that coming, but I haven’t spawned, either.

      1. This is exactly the age Eloise was the last time she asked for milk. Dan can still do a perfect impression of her saying “uthuside.”

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