Shakespeare, the Spam-Chimp, Strikes Again

Shakespeare, the Spam-Chimp, hard at work                                                                                 Image source:

Hey Mr Smitty,You once told me to be a successful actor, one needs to read aninhytg he/she can get their hands on . Who are the authors and what are the names of their books that all actors should read. their was at least (4) books you mentioned to me. ie; the audition, improv thanks a heap.

Well… you should read my blog just a wee bit closer and you’d be able to tell that I’m a MRS. not a MR. and that my name ain’t ‘Smitty.’

hi smitty, i only call you that baseuce that\’s what my uncle ray noble calls you i remember when life goes on was so popular and uncle ray told us he knew you, my nephew, very young at the time didn\’t believe him so uncle ray got him an autographed picture for him from you! we just talked about you on thanksgiving, i was telling uncle ray how phenomenal the event is, i told him that you play the vp and he kind of chuckled. well, being able to contact you is awesome and it would be so cool if you responded, take care!

‘Hey Smitty’ yourself! I’m a woman, and I’m not an actor. But I play one in my mind.

This artlice went ahead and made my day.


You ought to take part in a contest for one of the most useful blogs on
the internet. I will highly recommend this site!

Why, thank you! Such a useful comment. I’m impressed with your correct grammar and spelling. You just went ahead and made my day.

Found tart cherry juice concentrate from my dad’s doctor for my gout pain. I firststarted getting some a few days back and my legs feel amazing. I also got free shipping from Traverse Bay Farms. They offer some excellent books on tart cherry juice concentrate.

Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize gout was such a problem for spam-chimps, but I’m so very glad that you’re reading books now, if only about tart cherry juice concentrate. Fascinating–and useful–reading I’m sure.

By the end of the 17th century, a more clinical and scientific
approach to health, based on actual observation, began to appear.
Detection by monitoring wells is also very difficult at lined landfills, which this proposed rubble dump would supposedly have had.
Find some Unicorn cupcake toppers or an edible
image of one of these magical horned horses to put on your birthday cake.

Now, wait a second, Shakespeare. Are you saying that the unicorn cupcake toppers are in the landfill, but that they are hard to detect unless I use my keen clinical and scientific powers of observation? Would the tart cherry juice help me with this? I’ve gotta say, and this is totally off-topic, but I just detected Mr. Smitty in the landfill.

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18 thoughts on “Shakespeare, the Spam-Chimp, Strikes Again

  1. Great post, Mr. Smitty. We can help grow yurr following and weanie. Click on our blog.

    Just kidding, Kylie. Love the responses. Do you find that you are getting a number of spam monkeys sneak through the detector by replying to a comment already posted?

  2. It took me a moment to get what’s going on here…now I see, I get it.
    These cheap spamchimps are taking the spambots jobs away! Damn them.

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