Trifextra Reading Challenge

there’s no use admiring a thing just because it lasted. My brother once had a boil on his bottom a whole year, and it was nothing you’d want to see in the photogravure

Barbara Kingsolver, The Lacuna

An Epistolary Epic

I learned about a new writing–and in this case, reading–challenge from Rarasaur.

The Trifecta weekend challenge, or Trifextra (smiles all around! It’s a Fictionary™ word!) is thus:

We want you to scour through your favorite pieces of literature and give us the best 33 words you can find. 

Some quick guidelines:

  • The writing you choose should not be your own.
  • The 33 words should be lifted directly from another source (i.e. don’t take 33 random words from Macbeth and shake them into a poem of your own (though that would be an awesome idea for another challenge) and don’t take a sentence from the beginning of a book and another from the end–keep the original order).
  • Credit your sources.
  • You can’t use the same 33 words as anyone else in the linkz. Skim through before posting your own.  You can use the same author and even the same title, just not the exact same words.

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34 thoughts on “Trifextra Reading Challenge

    1. Thanks! It was a lucky find!
      The Lacuna is an amazing book on so many levels. It’s epistolary historical fiction, involving characters like Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivero, Leon Trotsky all centered around a character whose life illustrates so many social struggles: the red scare, gay rights, race/class, anti-intellectualism. And it manages to be tragic and hilarious at turns. A really amazing book.

  1. Welcome!! So glad you linked up with us this weekend, and I absolutely love your choice. Kingsolver has quite a way with words, doesn’t she? Hope to see you back on Monday for the weekday prompt. (Also: Fictionary? Awesome.)

    1. Thank you! What a fun community you’ve created. I will definitely check out the prompt tomorrow.

      Please play along with Fictionary too…. I make damn good muffins 🙂

    1. hehehheee

      I have a stack of Ann Patchett, David Sedaris, Barbara Kingsolver, and Toni Morrison next to me and that was the most awesome 33 words I could find 🙂

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