Shakespeare, the Spam-Chimp: Getting Personal

Chimp Does Hamlet
Chimp Does Hamlet (Photo credit: Riley and Amos)

Evetto – I just want to start off by saying WHY IS KYLIE SO ADORABLE?!secondly Ev & Louie u guys toatlly look like models! I love it!! and last of all Joy youre amazing at capturing such beautiful shots!

Oh *blushing* why AM I so adorable? I mean, really, how did I get so lucky? Ev & Louie, what say you?

Im so impressed xx i bet kylie never quite imnigaed herself with quite so much close contact with one of us pommes eh!! xx talk about discovering those little hidden knoks and crannies ooh personal ha ha!! Gosh you know how to treat a girl a 10 mile round trip on a first date and no snot block stop whats going on??? alot to learn G alot to learn ha ha xxx Really pleased you enjoying discovering such beautiful hidden gems amazing places fitted to a fantastic boy love you alot G XX Happy Birthday xxx Im going down homebase to creosote me shed Ill show em picture postcard ha ha!! xxxx

You are absolutely RIGHT. I never DID imagine myself so close to such pommes. Did you know I took French in High School AND College? That means I know what pommes are. Do you??? I’m not so sure you do, Shakespeare, considering your idea of a fantastic first date is “no snot block.” Honey, that’s what I consider a good MARRIAGE. Best of luck creosoting your shed! XX

and Matt Jump to Comments This past weekend I had the honor of wahictng Matt and Kylie become husband and wife. What a sweet couple! These guys warned me that they weren’t

No, no, no. His name is NOT Matt. Kudos to you though. You did get two of the letters right. Buuuut, we’ve been married a while now. You must have us confused with some other happy couple.

Now we know who the ssenible one is here. Great post!

Yep. We do, and it’s not you. But, thankss.

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