That’s Just the Biggest Load of…


What a Load!
What a Load!

If I have to fold another load of laundry, I will die! 


It will kill me!

I didn’t graduate Magna Cum Laude/ Phi Beta Kappa for this!

What happened to me?!

This weekend’s Trifectra Writing Challenge is 33 words on Hyperbole: Trifecta: Trifextra: Week Fifty-Five.

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28 thoughts on “That’s Just the Biggest Load of…

    1. That’s the height of impossibility! NO-body can feel the complete despair I feel when faced with this laundry, the height of which is matched only by the trench of my failures.

      How’s that for hyperbole? wink, wink

  1. Um, my experience has been that, yes, you did receive a college degree in order to carry out all manner of demeaning tasks that WILL BE THE DEATH OF YOU!!!
    [sorry hyperbole CAPS got away from me again]

  2. This is when you look into PAYING someone to do teh laundry or make your husband do it. We split up chores by level of hate the other has for the chore. The floors, bathroom, and kitchen get cleaned by a lovely woman for a reasonable price adn it is the happiest day for me. Laundry sucks, so share the dispair!

    1. It’s all a part of my larger angst about not working… or really, just barely working. I should be hearing soon about a couple of opportunities, though, and if I’m making money again then I will definitely pay for help!

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