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Hypothesis: Bloggers will do anything to produce a post, particularly if it involves navel-gazing, shameless self-promotion, and sharing the love.

Methods: Rutabaga, The Mercenary Researcher, challenged ten bloggers to a game of Blog Tag (BT). These ten blogs were observed over a two-week period to determine whether the produced a post including the terms, “tag,” “tagging,” “damn, I’ve been tagged,” “tagnabit,” and other variations. Additional blogs were identified based on the ‘snowball effect’ (described elsewhere).

Findings: Findings are preliminary. At least one blogger, The Life of Kylie, followed through with the game of BT. In this formative stage of the research, one thing is clear: her post does indeed contain navel-gazing, shameless self-promotion, and sharing the love.


The Mercenary Researcher (Rutabaga, 2013) tagged The Life of Kylie in a game called, ‘Blog Tag’ (BT). BT should not be confused with a ‘blog tag,’ which is a key word or phrase used to identify the content of your blog post and enable search engines to index your post (Nelson, 2010).

According to Rutabaga, BT requires posting and following the BT rules, and, in this particular instance, answering eleven questions posed by the tagger using full American Psychological Association (APA) style.

This paper sets out to meet these requirements.


Blogging is best evaluated using a mixed design of qualitative and quantitative methods. Quantitative methods include counting the rules and the number of bloggers who follow the rules. The WordPress Reader was employed to count the number of blog posts tagged terms, “tag,” “tagging,” “damn, I’ve been tagged,” “tagnabit,” and other variations during a two-week period. “Pings” were counted, to identify how many additional bloggers were BT’ed and played BT.

Qualitative methods included the time-tested rubric known as a “gut reaction.” Comments were also scanned for “LOL”, “Ha!” and “Hee hee hee.”


1. Post these rules.

2. Post a photo of yourself.

3. Post eleven random facts about yourself.

4. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.

5. Create eleven new questions.

6. Tag new people to answer them. Go to their blog/twitter and let them know they have been tagged.


1. See above.

2. A photo of myself.

Figure 1: A portrait of the blogger

A Portrait of the Blogger
Figure 1. A Portrait of the Blogger

3. Eleven Random Facts:

1) I have an evil eye, 2) I have two other blogs, 3) One of those blogs is Top Secret, but not really, 4) The other one is for my health consulting work, 5) I majored in Psychology, 6) I wrote a thesis titled something like, ‘the mental lexicon and bi-morphemic verb homophones,’ 7) I’ve been married twice, 8) The second time around, we pretty much eloped, 9) I have a Master’s in Public Health, 10) I like hummus, 11) I have a crooked smile.

4. Answers to Rutabaga’s questions: 

1)      What is your favorite thing about a stentorian?

‘Stentorian’ is an adjective meaning ‘extremely loud,’ and its first known use was in 1605 (Merriam-Webster, 2013). My favorite thing about a stentorian is when he or she falls asleep for the night.

2)      What was the last word you looked up in a dictionary?

See above. Many psychological tests include questions to measure subjects’ honesty, in order to assess the relative honesty of the rest of their answers (Kylie, 2013). I am compulsively honest.

3)      Have you ever seen a documentary about swinging in the suburbs?

No, but I once watched a documentary about professional strippers. With my mother. When I was about 13.

4)      Give me 15 words that rhyme with Aye – please list them alphabetically

Table 1. Words that Rhyme with Aye: Common Spellings and Exemplars

-ai -i -ie -igh -y -ye -uy
Kwai Pi Die Nigh Cry Bye Buy
Mai tai Fie Sigh Deny Dye Guy
Pie Thigh Fly Lye
Shy Rye

5)      Do you like a special channel?


6)      John Waters is to  Hairspray as _________ is to Fargo?

The Cohen Brothers

7)      Name two interesting things about St. Kitts & Nevis

My husband has been there, and to the other one, too.

8)      Name a pet.  No, I mean right now. Do it.


9)      What can I say about this elixir?

Figure 2. ‘Dental Hygiene Dilemma’ by Frank Zappa

10)   What is a Hobo Wine Toaster?

I don’t know, but the second result returned by Google is for The Mercenary Researcher, so you better come up with an answer, Rutabaga.

11)   Do you like cheese?

I am a former cheese eater. As a (mostly) vegan, I avoid cheese. (James_64, 2008).

5. Eleven New Questions

1. Conditioner or Creme Rinse?

2. Amway or Mary Kay?

3. Breath mint or strip?

4. What is your greatest regret?

5. Peanut butter: crunchy or creamy?

6. Shaken or stirred?

7. Milk: soy, cow, almond, coconut, rice, or hemp?

8. When was the last time you played a real game of tag?

9. Why do you blog?

10. Your basic sock color: white, grey, or black?

11. Do you, or do you not, prefer the Oxford comma??????

6. Tag other Bloggers

Being Rufina

Lady Lovely Blogger

Spiritual World Traveler

This is My Corn


Bloggers will, indeed, do anything for a post, including staying up until 1:07 a.m. to finish this silly game of tag.

You’re welcome.

Works Cited:

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42 thoughts on “This Blog is Tagged ‘Blog Tag’

  1. Head probably buried in a book and not paying attention to my surroundings, I didn’t even see this until tonight! I’ll play, but I’m a little slow…Because I didn’t know I was tagged!
    I will see what I can answer this week-end. 🙂

      1. I thought I missed a notification, but I double-checked and I didn’t receive one. It’s funny because that has happened to me once before. But, on other instances (like when I link to my previous posts) I get a ping back. I’m not sure how it works! Anyway, I saw it last night because I follow you! 😉

          1. I just realized this morning that I forgot to give “Fictionary” new word credit for the handy swear word “Tagnabit” back to you! I have quickly added a link back to your Fictionary page where you can add it…;) Even with some of my tongue-in-cheek responses, I did have fun. Thanks for tagging me Kylie! 🙂

            1. I might also re-link my avatar to my blog because of your complaint. I’ve gone back and forth about that because of my other blog. I didn’t want people reading my pure-as-snow professional blog to click on it and find this one. But who am I kidding? There’s no hiding on the internet.

  2. 1. Conditioner or Creme Rinse?
    None – short hair…
    2. Amway or Mary Kay?
    Amway promotes jesus, Mary Kay promotes nonsense… neither
    3. Breath mint or strip?
    I like to strip when I’m ingesting breath mints… is this related to the stripper doc you watched with your Mom? I’m confused.
    4. What is your greatest regret?
    Not seeing David Bowie and Cake when I had the chance.
    5. Peanut butter: crunchy or creamy?
    BOTH! All peanut butter is good peanut butter (except Skippy – it sucks)
    6. Shaken or stirred?
    7. Milk: soy, cow, almond, coconut, rice, or hemp?
    Almond – unsweetened…what can I say about this elixir?
    8. When was the last time you played a real game of tag?
    A few weeks ago with my kid
    9. Why do you blog?
    I wish I knew – I think b/c I like stories to tell and basking in glory
    10. Your basic sock color: white, grey, or black?
    11. Do you, or do you not, prefer the Oxford comma??????
    I love the Oxford comma, the common comma, and the extraneous comma.

  3. Kylie, I think I love you.
    I love that you found the Zappa/Flo/Eddie excerpt from 200 Motels…

    I don’t know what a Hobo Wine Toaster is – but Captain Beefheart sings about it and it makes me laugh.


    I must answer your questions b/c I’m that kind of shameless self promotion…

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