Laying Low

Dear Readers,

I’m working. Like actual, paid work! So, there will be less blogging. Unfortunately, there will also be less reading and rapping on your blogs too. I’m sorry. We’ll miss each other. I know I’ll miss you!

The Fictionary contest ends on the 28th–so get your entries in.

And hey! That gave me an idea. I’ll post your new Fictionary words–at least the top ten–every other day (or so) and that will keep the blog alive. Thank you for helping me out!

Plus, I will have to bake muffins for the Grand Prize Winner. Yum. Muffins. Or maybe cupcakes. You choose. I’ll take pictures and write a silly post about them. 

What else? What else?

You could send funny tweets to @parker_dotty with plays on her famous quotes, and I’ll take some screen shots and call it “Tweets from the Alblogquin Round Table.”

The GoodReads website has a nice assortment of her bon mots. Just don’t use “brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue.” That one’s mine.



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28 thoughts on “Laying Low

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    1. And now I have to figure out my whole award post. Who’d’ve thunk I’d actually be busy when the contest came to a screeching halt??!

  2. Congrats on the work – and on being on top of things enough to post about it ahead of time. I’m more of the type to get really busy with work, skip out on posting for a week or two, and then write an “I’m sorry I’m busy but here’s why” post. In fact, I did exactly that today!

    1. Thanks, Carrie.

      I’m starting a contract that has been in the works for a while now.
      And then, earlier today, I got asked to move into a paid position on an issue I’ve been volunteering on (guess what??). They’ll add up to about 20 hours/week, which I can just squeeze into the school day and have a little bit of time left over to stay sane. Both end in June.

      It will be hard to stay away from WordPress, so I’m sure to be around just a little 🙂

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