Freshly Pressed!

grass covered Volkswagen bug

Have you ever written a post you just knew would get Freshly Pressed?

It happened to me once.

I just had that feeling.

One night, I got out of bed, unable to sleep. I checked my email and the WordPress Weekly Challenge caught my eye: ‘From Mundane to Meaningful.’

I wrote about a slice of my life from earlier in the day, and just knew.

I kept checking my email, and there was nothing.


Crickets chirping.

Ah well.

That Friday, I went to a meeting. I was about to start a new contract as a media spokesperson on something I’d been volunteering for, and was going to learn the talking points.

But… the news had broken the day before, and I hit the ground running with three television interviews that afternoon. We set up a ‘command center’ of sorts and launched what would be five, long weeks of intense, political, stressful, controversial, non-stop advocacy.

That day, I checked my email… “Congratulations! Your post was Freshly Pressed!”

I was thrilled. But what could I do about it? I tried to respond to comments the next day, but all momentum was lost. A few days later, after I appeared on our local NPR station, I privatized by blog. I stopped posting for a couple months. I was so nervous about being harassed and things I’d posted being used to try to ruin my reputation. It was a nerve-wracking time.

Since then, I’ve gotten back to blogging, more frequently than before. I’ve made some blogging friends, and writing here has become second-nature.

Every now and then, I write a post and get that same feeling. Surely, this post will get Freshly Pressed.

It hasn’t happened, but something better has: a group of loyal readers who visit and comment and encourage. It’s amazing.

You’re amazing.

Thank you.

Do you ever get that feeling that something you’ve written is going to get Freshly Pressed, only to check your email obsessively for days to end up disappointed?

Share those posts here! Paste them or ping back. I want to read them!

In fact, I will reblog them: Kylie Pressed.

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46 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed!

      1. Use it if it fits with what you are looking for. If it doesn’t, don’t use it. I just thought I’d give you another option to select from for your month of sharing.

  1. The post that I was FP’d for is not the one I would have expected. There have been a few others that I personally would have chosen instead of the one that was picked. But hey, I’ll take it.

    1. Stupid is as stupid does!

      Not that I’m implying ANYONE is stupid. It’s just the only quote i could think of from Forrest Gump.

      Carrie, do you have any lesser read posts you’d like to share?

      1. I don’t know but I get search engine queries with this question all the time.
        (And my question is, why isn’t WP notifying when people reply to comments? Hmmmm… Don’t answer that because I probably won’t be notified that you did.)

  2. You are hilarious. I saw the title of this post on FB, and thought, “Wow, Again?!”…thinking the Freshly-Pressed muses were hanging around your neck of the woods. I honestly think to be Kylie-Pressed will be much more meaningful. I’ve definitely had the feeling that, oh my god, I am IT with this post, but then realize that no one else thinks so, haha. Oh well. Here’s my submission 😉

  3. The only feeling I ever get after a post is that my wife is going to put her foot in my ass for mentioning (insert apparently taboo item here). Some I know are funnier than others though, but not worth fresh press fame.

  4. Kylie,
    Great post! You know I love your blog, so thank you for being such an awesome blogger. I don’t even know how I found you, but I’m glad I did. So, as you thank your fans today, I thank you for making me want to come back everyday and see what you have created for us.

  5. I’d decline the honor. I’d do George C. Scott, a Marlon Brando, A William Tecumseh Sherman. If necessary I’d delete the post. I can’t think of a thing more contrary to the purpose of being here. But that’s just me. I’m a contrary bastard.

    1. My purpose for being here has changed so many times. I started because I needed an outlet and just wanted to write. I never even thought about being read, much less followed. But WP seems designed to foster compulsiveness about stats and notifications. Glad you are made of stronger stuff!
      Would you be willing to share a post here?

  6. Good job on the freshly pressed here just happens to be a link to my blog oops where did that come from? Haha. Being freshly pressed was great. It came quite a bit after a load of my friends were pressed at around the same time. I think Rutabaga put it best – it’s like you feel like you are the last girl who hasn’t gotten her period. I was not expecting the post I wrote to be pressed at all. It took me totally by surprise at a time when a lot of crazy was going on.

    I had some excellent comments, and I tried to visit every blog that commented – some had already gone down by the time I got there! I think the best spike, and what really started my trajectory into serious blogging was being featured on Speaker 7’s blog. I got a lot of followers who stayed. She should have her own badge to give out. Also, I should probably thank that freak E.L. James. 😀

  7. I always have a feeling “no way they’ll ever Freshly Press THAT….” when I click “Publish”, so I don’t ever wait for that e-mail. Though WordPress still managed to find a loophole and FP’s one of my guest posts.

    1. Was that a guest post on your blog or when you were a guest on someone else’s blog? I was wondering how they would handle that situation.

      Would you like to share a post here? Your lists always crack me up.

      1. That was a guest post I wrote for another blog, Army of Awesome People. (I think you may have came upon my blog from that post). The blog owner was pretty happy with the fact that his blog was being Freshly Pressed and all the extra visits, and I was happy with the fact that I was the one who wrote it. 🙂
        Thank you for the offer, I would love to write a post for your blog, though I need to figure about what to write about first. I’m still new here, so I don’t yet have a really good feel for what would work for you. Maybe you could suggest a few subjects that interest you, and I’ll try to make a list out of it?

        1. Yes! That is how I came across your blog.

          I’m all over the place… how about ten stupid things gun nuts say? Or ten reasons you will never get a full night’s sleep after having kids? I like boots and vegetables…my Pinterest page has some silly stuff and not so silly stuff that I like: How about ten cereal mascots and how they’ve ruined society as we know it? Ten reasons the Pacific Northwest should become its own country? Ten reasons to move to Canada?

          OH! I know: ten reasons to use the Oxford comma!

          Really–anything is good. It’s just a way to build community.

          1. 10 stupid gun nut quotes! That’s an excellent idea, already working on it! Others I’d have trouble with – no kids, little affection for vegetables and cereals, and I want Seattle to stay. (and I even slipped an Oxford comma into that sentence 🙂
            Can you give me your e-mail address where I could send the post? Or just email me at

  8. Thanks for allowing me to populate the ‘Related Articles’ list. I am the self appointed President of the ‘Never Been Freshly Pressed’ Club. I regret to inform you that you can’t join our club – there is a price to be paid for being popular!

    1. Aw, boo. My FP’d post was probably one of the least popular ever and resulted in a lot of child-porn related spam. Would you make an exception? I’ve always wanted to belong to such a club.

      Also, would you like to share a post that you love here?

  9. Kylie,
    Great post… When I was Freshly Pressed, both times, I was surprised by the posts chosen… I have written others which I thought they would be for sure, but alas… What I can say though, is that the story wranglers have made a great job in updating the posts they choose, I feel there are much edgier posts being FP’d lately… But if I write more, I’ll ruin my next post…
    Le Clown

  10. Congrats on being FP’d. Kidding.You know, what you say is true. When I was Freshly Pressed I got some new followers, but I couldn’t even meet them all, and they never really returned to my blog. Maybe a couple? It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. So, great celebrate your loyal audience. That’s what it’s all about.

    1. So true!
      I must admit, I was more than a little inspired by the way you’ve been featuring bloggers every week, and the way Le Clown has built a community, too. That’s what it’s all about, right?
      If you have a post you’d like to feature, please share or ping back–I’m going to reblog them.

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