‘Sharing the Love Month’ continues with a reblog from That’s a Jenn Story. She had an eXcellent Fictionary eNtry. She had so much fun with it, that she is holding her own contest now. Head on over to play… BizarroWord…

That's a Jenn Story

Yesterday I went to the seminary library to work on a Confessional Paper and a Sermon I need to write. I expected to stay there all day (which I did), so I brought my lunch. It was leftovers from the Valentine’s Dinner my Paul and I had made for each other. Included in these leftovers was a half a piece of steak. The library is in a church, and churches, as we all know, inevitably have kitchens, so microwaving was not a problem. Let me just say, though: It is really tricky to eat steak with a spoon and a regular table knifeOut of a small round plastic container.

Next time I’m totally bringing my own silverware . . .


There are various word-usage habits of other people that drive me absolutely bonkers. They’re not (at least in most cases) wrong, and I have no…

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