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This post here made a call for neologisms, and I  thought I bring up one that I coined some years ago, but I still believe is an important word.

Thrickle (noun) A specialized tool provided by the manufacturer of a product intended to be assembled by the end user.

The word comes from a discussion I had with my ex-wife about the local giveaway ad sheet, The Thrifty Nickle, which I liked to call The Nifty Thrickle, because I’m weird that way.  We decided that “thrickle” was a really great word, and there should be some object to go with it.

Shortly thereafter we were putting together a cheap bookcase, and the manufacturer had helpfully included an Allen wrench in the screw pack, and we realized that we had an object that needed a word and a word that needed an object.

So I have been using thrickle to describe all manner…

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