Shakespeare, the Spam-Chimp, Talks Politics

Musical Jolly Chimp

The public can be recorded and safer in just 30 short days.

Really, Shakespeare? The public doesn’t appear amenable to going on record. The public around here is quite libertarian. They don’t want background checks for private gun sales because they think the government will form a registry. They don’t want fluoridated water because they think it’s a government plot to control their minds. They don’t want to be recorded, and they certainly don’t seem to want to be safer.

They specialize in treating their patients with this therapeutic operation technique.

Oh, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare. That sounds like a lobotomy. Are you talking about something like a lobotomy?

Use blue painter’s tape and ‘ve got them around 3/8 of an squirm apart. The particular dentist removes all the plaque and attention tartar that builds up on your tooth.

What exactly are you proposing, Shakespeare? Are you going to tape people together so they can’t squirm away when you do the lobotomy? When the anti-fluoride people proposed that ‘we’ just ‘do something else,’ I don’t think taping people up and forcibly removing the plaque and tartar was what they were proposing.  In fact, I believe their proposals were just empty words. Sorta like yours.

Just wait until it rolls into a ball heading towards you and jump over it. Pull the lever, it should make the dragon go to sleep then jump forward and shoot the arrow into the dragon’s mouth. Press Launch..and the microsoft certified master mcm abg tanya anje boleh pancut dlm, anje angguk. Abg tusuk dlm2, pancut

Shakespeare, does the tape roll into a ball? The people? The tartar or the plaque? Is this your answer to gun safety? Dragons? I’m so confused. I do wish you would write more clearly. You completely lost me toward the end.

Inside of this way the immune system is usually improved and it’s actually functions are increasing. There is a particular sense of well being and wholeness.

Well, now, Shakespeare, that is just ‘woo-woo’ stuff.


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17 thoughts on “Shakespeare, the Spam-Chimp, Talks Politics

  1. It’s taken 30 years, but I believe I’ve finally rid myself of the flouridated programming of my youth.
    Way to take lemons and make lemonade, Kylie!

    1. Thanks. I haven’t been blogging much lately, but this was a nice way to get back into it. I love your challenges. They always get the writing juices flowing again.

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