My First Flash Mob

Here’s another video from our Art=Ammo Flash Mob.

These events are happening all over the country–join in!

They are easy to plan and fun to do, and make a difference. Watch more moving videos at

Here’s what artist and founder Lorin Latarro says about this movement:

“In the words of Brecht, ‘Non-action is a tragic flaw’. As artists we have the responsibility to create work that elicits a response… empathy, introspection. A first step toward changing attitudes. Join us as we breakthrough soundbites and political shouting with art to remember lives lost and stop people in their tracks to think about gun violence.”

– Lorin Latarro

If you’re in Oregon, please call your legislators and ask them to close the private gun sales loophole–it’s time to require background checks

If you’re somewhere else, you can take action on the Moms Demand Action website.


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