Trifextra Writing Challenge: Love



“I cannot love you.”

“But… my parents. They will approve. Your family is good.”

He studies her face, eyes burning.

She shrinks away.

“I love another. It is forbidden. He… I love him.”

Photo credit: mohammadali / / CC BY-NC-SA

Trifextra Writing Challenge: Week 70–33 words inspired by this picture

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16 thoughts on “Trifextra Writing Challenge: Love

  1. I think she meant to actually speak her mind instead of speaking what she was supposed to say… Great piece!

    1. You’re the photographer?
      What is it like to read all the posts inspired by your photo?
      It is such an amazing shot. How did you get it?

  2. Oo. You should win.

    Hey Trifecta, she should win. Good writing should be recognized for once! And this writing captures the profundity of the photo, not a silly little entry. Touches on important issues, like gays in Iran. This is the winner in my book, even if it doesn’t win.

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