Finally surfacing, his gasp turns to a grin as he lifts the coral necklace to safety above the waves.

But the beach is nearly empty; only the palms wave back at him.

A flash of red on the road above tells him everything he needs to know.

The Beach

Submitted to the Trifecta Writing Challenge: Week 71, a complete story in three sentences.

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27 thoughts on “Pele

  1. For naught–except the “palms wave.” I love the flash of red and the coral–definitely makes one think of a cold-hearted mistress. His gasp suggests his desperation to please.

  2. “only the palm wave back to him”
    what a fantastic line!

    and how sad, will she be back for her necklace?

    1. That’s new spin… the traitorish group of friends. I’d pictured this as an attempt to impress a fickle mistress, but I like your interpretation too!

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