Finally surfacing, his gasp turns to a grin as he lifts the coral necklace to safety above the waves.

But the beach is nearly empty; only the palms wave back at him.

A flash of red on the road above tells him everything he needs to know.

The Beach

Submitted to the Trifecta Writing Challenge: Week 71, a complete story in three sentences.

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27 thoughts on “Pele

  1. For naught–except the “palms wave.” I love the flash of red and the coral–definitely makes one think of a cold-hearted mistress. His gasp suggests his desperation to please.

  2. “only the palm wave back to him”
    what a fantastic line!

    and how sad, will she be back for her necklace?

      1. no it was PERFECT. I got it and felt it all.
        Nice piece Kylie (and it’s nice to “meet you”)


    1. That’s new spin… the traitorish group of friends. I’d pictured this as an attempt to impress a fickle mistress, but I like your interpretation too!

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