Just Sayin’

Do you get annoyed with the phrase “Just sayin'”?

It’s as if people just tack that on to the end of something tasteless, or tactless, or perhaps something really important and difficult to say, but then absolve themselves of all ownership by claiming they’re just sayin’.

What does it even mean?

“I’m just sayin’ something,  but don’t mind me because it was no more real nor important than a burp.”

“I’m just sayin’ something really difficult and perhaps controversial, but I don’t really mean it so please just ignore it.”

“I’m just sayin’ something racist, sexist, homophobic, classist or just plain stupid and mean, but it can’t really hurt anybody because I said I’m just sayin’.”

I love my husband for many reasons, and one of them is that we are equally annoyed with the phrase just sayin‘.  We came up with these e-cards, but we can’t decide which one is better.

Which do you like? Or can you come up with an even better come back to when someone says or types just sayin’?


And if you’re fond of this phrase you are offended by this post, well, you know, I’m just sayin’.

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28 thoughts on “Just Sayin’

  1. I use this phrase a lot. Just sayin’. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. But yeah, I do use it sometimes..mainly to be annoying so I am very conscious of when I am saying it and why. I also tack on “though” to a lot of my sentences which I find annoying in too. Oh well, I guess it’s okay to annoy oneself though. Just sayin’. See what I did there?

  2. It’s like someone saying something kind of shitty, then ending it with…” I’m just kidding.” NO…no your not! ” Do you like my new pants?” ” yeah…but that color makes your ass look like a landing strip…haha just kidding…I really like them!” O.O

  3. Yup. “Just sayin'” is right up there with starting a sentence with “I don’t mean to be a jerk, but…” because invariably you KNOW that person is about to say something colossally douchey. Just shut the hell up, why doncha.

    1. Totally: “I’m going to say something mean and/or stupid and possibly irrelevant, but don’t bother to call me on it ‘cuz I’m just sayin’!”

  4. How about “I’m just sayin’ something I know is offensive/hurtful but it’s your fault if that offends/hurts you because I’m a) too cowardly to take responsibility for or stand by my beliefs; or b) under the delusion that words aren’t important and powerful.” (Sorry – I REALLY hate that phrase!)

  5. “Just Sayin” is definitely in my top ten list of most annoying things people say or write.

    Others are yolo, workin hard or hardly workin?, fail, and making place names unnecessarily possessive. (example: “I’m going to Kroger’s.”)

    My least favorite is “Epic”. Except of course in cases where it is being used properly. Such as “War and Peace is an epic novel.” There are however no epic “farts.” No epic “parties.” No epic “cheeseburgers.”

    Sorry to ramble on in your comment section. You hit a nerve with this one! Great post!

  6. Also throwing in the word “but”. “I don’t want to offend BUT I will anyway.” And “bless your heart” is a Southern one. “Oh, he’s a freaking moron, BLESS HIS HEART!”

  7. Good post. Just sayin’ is a diplomatic way of deflating the impact of a message. Sometimes we need to lessen the strength without detracting from the actual message. I understand what you are ‘just sayin’ though.

    1. You may be onto something. There are a lot of ways we mitigate our comments, for example by ending a declarative sentence with a questioning tone.
      I think the impact stays just as strong, though, while the ability to have an adult discussion or argument gets deflated because the one person is ‘just sayin.’ So if the second person disagrees, then the first person can just say, again, “I was just sayin'” and avoid an honest discussion.
      Just sayin’!

      1. I have been listening to ‘Outliers’ by Malcolm Gladwell. You might be interested in some of the things he talks about. There is an example of how Korean pilots failed to get their point across to American air traffic controllers because of inflection and word choice. The result was a crash killing everyone on their plane.
        Just sayin!

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