KeVita Happy Hour

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I’m writing this post because I want some free KeVita probiotic drinks.

Why? Because I really, really like probiotics.

Especially from KeVita.

Especially Lemon Ginger.

Lemon Ginger KeVita Kombucha
Lemon Ginger Kombucha– The Right Stuff

And by blogging about it, I’ll receive a whole entire week’s supply. Woot!

How did this happy opportunity come to pass? I owe it all to Vida Vegan Con.

A while back, I attended Vida Vegan Con–a conference for vegan bloggers. I blog. I’m vegan. So why not?

The sponsors gave away SO MUCH FOOD.

Vida Vegan Con Swag Bag
Vida Vegan Con Swag Bag-They Thought of Everything, and Then Some

The swag bags have been memorialized elsewhere–check out the post by my blogging friend at Luminous Vegans (I squealed out loud in public when she said who she was–you people are REAL).

I took a food photography class from my idol Isa Chandra Moskowitz, and she was just as funny and smart in person as in her cookbooks and blogs. She gave us fabric swatches. When it comes to food photography, the importance of a good fabric swatch collection can not be overemphasized.

Lush Nuts
Lush Nuts. Aren’t They LUUUUSSSSHHHH?

I ended up in a buffet line with Isa (yeah, we’re on a first-name basis now) and Terry Hope Romero and we JOKED AROUND about always choosing the wrong (longest) line. I tried to play it cool and didn’t ask for a picture with them like the other kids did. Wish I had!

The next day we chatted in front of a sponsor’s table during the interminable buffet line (they were ALL the wrong line), and she invited me to ditch the conference and join her at Veggie Grill with another vegan blogging luminary, Vegansaurus, but I declined because I figured she was just being polite and probably wanted to get away from all the annoying fans for a while. I did, however, ask her to autograph my copy of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.

I won stuff!

I tweeted a picture I took during Isa’s class to the Peanut Butter & Co. giveaway and won a 6-pack of peanut butter (including chocolate!) that arrived just in time for my husband’s birthday. He LOVES peanut butter. (I’m doing this all for you, honey!)

Peanut Butter & Company
Chocolate Peanut Butter + Raspberries = Swoon

I also won a lunch box with goodies from So Delicious, including a glass straw decorated with a couple of suspicious-looking brown glass blobs on it that is probably unsellable, as well as a husband-sized t-shirt.

My kids are obsessed with lunch boxes and straws (yes, really) so this was perfect. I’ve been trying to find the perfect non-plastic, reusable straw and had recently purchased a pair of ‘unbreakable’ glass straws… which survived one beverage… so… it was good I won a new one.

Glass Straw
Unbreakable Glass Straw… Uh Huh

I also won a bunch of cookbooks in the silent auction for the Chimpanzee Sanctuary NW. Sure, I paid some money, but it was a great deal and a worthy cause. Win-Win.

And these chimps won’t even spam you!

Chimpanzee Sanctuary NW
I Won’t Spam You. Promise.

Most importantly, the conference reminded me why I chose to become vegan so many years ago, and reaffirmed my commitment.

My commitment to vegan shoes, that is! No more dead animal skin for me.

Vegan Danskos
Isa Chandra Taught Me How to Do This to My Shoes with Camera-Plus

Okay, so back to the KeVita (if you’re even still reading).

What is KeVita?

It’s a fermented beverage made from fruit juice that contains beneficial bacteria and yeast. It’s sparkly and lightly sweet. It is similar, but not to be confused with, an ancient drink that originated in Asia: Kombucha. When I say ancient, I mean ancient, because to brew Kombucha, one uses a SCOBY or ‘mother mushroom’ that has been passed down from household to household, similar to sourdough bread starter.

KeVita Kombucha

Like many ‘super foods’ lots of miracle health claims have been made about Kombucha, but it’s good to take a skeptical view of such claims. Limited research shows it can contain any number of nutrients, but that they vary widely. Some varieties contain small amounts of alcohol, and it can become contaminated if the proper level of acidity isn’t reached. You can read more about it on Wikipedia.

Even though KeVita isn’t exactly Kombucha, it is, however, yummy and refreshing. I don’t drink much besides tea, plain water, and soy milk, so it’s a nice addition to my beverage line up.

Thank you KeVita for your delicious, safe, sparkly beverage that can be easily purchased as a treat from stores like Whole Foods or WON BY BLOGGING503-568-9323 ABOUT IT!

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12 thoughts on “KeVita Happy Hour

  1. Ha ha, I love your transparency for writing this blog post….for the love of kevita! I did enjoy the samples that they had at VVC. Tasty! I also love your vegan shoes. What brand are they? They look adorable and comfortable to boot. I also need to get a reusable straw. I saw some metal-ish looking ones at Herbivore in PDX and I am kicking myself for not buying a few. I don’t think they would break like the glass ones.

    1. Thanks 🙂
      They are Danskos. I can’t believe how many options are available now! I started pinning a bunch of them. Almost as good as shopping…
      As for straws, I also bought some metal ones that have a spoon at the bottom. They’re great for smoothies, but I always worry the kids will impale themselves. I found a box of cute candy-cane striped paper straws that also work. Silly kids an their straws!

  2. Speaking up might save a life. Or it might cost one; depending on the situation.
    Speaking up against hatred and bigotry and the other such things is always good… unless it will cost a life.
    First; do no harm.
    But yeh; speaking up is usually very good. I highly recommend it. I can’t keep my mouth shut.

  3. Oh My! It seems I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole. Fermented foods? I would dearly love to know how to make Feta. I though it was just about the culture you use. No?
    Anyway, I am not a vegan (calm down. I don’t bite either) I am interested in this probiotic drink. On a day to day level; what does this drink do for you? Is it necessary to drink it everyday to reap the benefits (not that I am assuming it to be a negative experience. Just want to be prepared).
    I will be requesting access. I’m not angry at you; just politics. I am intrigued for reasons I won’t talk about here. Self reflection etc. You know.

    1. I’m not a big believer in miracle foods, but I do like to include a variety of fermented foods (sauerkraut, kimchi, tempeh, soy yogurt, and kombucha/KeVita) because 1) they’re yummy, and 2) with four kids in the household we seem to have a constant influx of bacterial infections that require antibiotics. I don’t think it’s necessary to include certain ‘super foods’ on a daily basis, but to include a nice variety. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I actually just recently attended a fermented foods workshop and learnt all about Kombucha. I was a little bit freaked out by the idea of ‘the beast’ (as the lady holding the workshop called the mushroom – and it was a beast!) We learnt how to make Kimchi and Feta as well as sauerkraut. Fascinating!

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