July, July, July

Time for a Haircut!

Half of July has slipped away in a haze of cough syrup and sleepless nights.

I had such high hopes for this month. I was going to get my shizzle together. My two contracts ended, and my kids are occupied, so I was going to catch up on reading, blogging, gardening, yoga, and napping. I was going to start a lawsuit and apply for a Certificate in Non-Profit Management program.

I was going to climb Mt. Kill-Em-With-Paper, gussy up the Carport of Disrepute, and organize the Closet of the Slipping Socks.

I was also going to conquer the Last Unpacked Box.

Oh, and I was going to address the Cousin It situation:

Time for a Haircut!
Cousin It

Wow, I look tired.

Well, July isn’t over yet. Time for a nap.


What are you hoping to accomplish this summer… and how’s it going?

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23 thoughts on “July, July, July

  1. Just taking this summer one day at a time now… that’s all we can do with our 4 month old. However, to be fair, we did manage to go camping for a week back in June – that was the only item on my summer to-do list, got that checked off and now the rest of the summer is wide open… Well, we do have a wedding in Maine we have to get to at the end of next month, but I’m not really thinking that far ahead yet. 😛

  2. I really need to get my inbox clear of unread blog posts. Especially as I’ve got a week-long retreat coming up where I won’t be online. I’d also like to get the sale of my flat completed but that seems to be dragging its feet somewhat.

      1. Right now I’m fed up of the flat – the sale is dragging on (no change in the last 10 days and all it needs is a minor adjustment to one tiny thing and it’ll be all sorted, but the other side – the buyer – don’t seem to be doing very much about it) so I just want rid of it. It’ll be a huge relief to be rid, and I’ll have a little bit of money in the bank at the end. I’ve already decided that if I’m not meant to stay in the Order, I won’t be going back to Chester to live.

        Retreat, I’m not sure on. Last year’s long retreat didn’t start too well for me (spent the first two days in tears) so I’m slightly apprehensive. It’ll be OK though, as I’m more experienced in community living and I know the tricks to survive (and how to not let myself get low before we start this time – no listening to “Phantom of the Opera” for example).

  3. This summer I was supposed to catch up on sleep and here I am commenting and not sleeping. Does this have a time stamp? It is past midnight and I am overtired. I kept reading “cousin it” as some kind of slangy new verb phrase, like “pin it” or “facebook it” and I was all does she mean ME? What does “cousin it” MEAN? How does one cousin it?!?!! I did finally get it. Of course the meaning was all in your correctly placed capitals.

    Next week is the first of two BIG weeks I get this summer in which one child has day camp and the other is in preschool for three glorious mornings. One of those days is my tenth wedding anniversary. I have no plans, but a very messy house, a garden full of weeds, a sleep debt, and a board full of pins I have to get on. We’ll see how it goes.

    1. Oh, hahahahahaha! I will start calling you Cousin It. I should have put glasses on the back of my head.
      I saw D dropping off E this morning. The camp/preschool combo is such a blessing.

      Enjoy your anniversary. How the hell has it been ten years? TEN???

      Let me know if you want to do anything gardening related together. I’ve been planting stuff in the back yard finally.

      “Cousin” as a verb. That is hilarious.

  4. I want to read IQ84 but first I need to read Kafka on the Shore and maybe Norwegian Wood, and The Adventures of Kavalier & Clay is just sitting there, and I haven’t been to the library for a few weeks and my Kindle could use a new download…

      1. Sure: sleep, read, swim, hike, bike, sleep (once is not enough), gardening, scratching the cat, sleep (I can’t stress that enough), and no blogging. This list is not funny because I’m on vacation, where I’m trying to get at least the first nine done.

        1. Ooohhh! Today included a nap and a hike and I gardened on Monday and Tuesday. I’m not a complete failure at vacations after all 😉

          Good luck with the no blogging…

    1. Pilates!! I tried that once. It was not a good time in my life for ab-work… I had an IUD that was problematic! Good luck. I have some weight loss goals myself. Unfortunately, the nap diet doesn’t seem to be helping.

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