MoFo Blog-cronyms

Thanks to Rarasaur, I just learned November is National Blog Post (a day) Month.

At least I think that’s what NaNoBloPo stands for.

I always get so confused.

Apparently, so does Rarasaur, because she’s deemed it “Nano Poblano” and included a list of links and prompts. Hooray!

Now, say “Nano Poblano” in a Charlie Brown Special Adult voice three times fast and you can join in the confusion.

I mean fun.

I mean confunsion.

Oh, confound it!

NaBloPoMo November 2013

The Life of Kylie

Every time I see a blog-cronym, like NaBloMoFo (or whatever), all I can think of is the grown-ups talking on a Charlie Brown Special:

Well, to tell the truth (which I must, because I’m compulsively honest), the blog-cronyms also bring to mind a certain expletive that involves mothers and a naughty, talented, and flexible word that can serve as every part of speech, even an infix!

Now, I never, ever swear.

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10 thoughts on “MoFo Blog-cronyms

    1. Well, I’ve posted about three times in as many months lately, so I have some catching up to do.

      I have a feeling this is going to be about quantity, not quality…

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