Good Blogkeeping

Kid watching oven like it's TV


I’m doing NaBloPoMo.


Nano Poblano

That’s right friends, a blog post a day.

National Blog Post Month is a blog-post-a-day challenge sponsored by BlogHer and WordPress and supported by YeahWrite and Team NanoPoblano (Rarasaur’s blog), among others.

After managing to write a post about three times in as many months, this should be a shock to us all.

What if people actually come read my blog? New people?

Critical people? People who scrutinize things?

People who know what they’re doing.


I need to do some blogkeeping, and I need your help.

As my closest readers know, I’m not much of a housekeeper. 

Things are a little cluttered around here!!

Unbreakable Glass Straw
The Last Straw that Broke the Blogger’s Back

What is this blog even about?!!!

  • Funny family snafus?
  • Flash fiction?
  • Made-up words?
  • Social and political commentary?
  • Dorothy Parker tweeting?
  • Vegan recipes?
  • Dead people?
  • Difficult pregnancies?
  • Pie?

It’s all so random.

What is all that stuff on the top shelf?

Is that supposed to be a menu? What the heck does “Laugh, Think, Cry”  mean?

Should I bother to change the tag line every post? Oh, you didn’t notice? Shocking!!

And all that mess overflowing down the side?

Widgets and Badges and Doodads and Whatnots.

What a torrential mess of confusion.

What is it and why is it there?

I need your help, suggestions, and advice.

Feedback is also welcome.

  1. What catches your eye?
  2. What do you wish you could find?
  3. What do you think I should highlight?
  4. What should I get rid of?
  5. And most importantly, how should I order the widgets?????

Are you doing NaBloPoMo? How’s it going?

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22 thoughts on “Good Blogkeeping

  1. As a fellow NaBloPoMo who’s kind of neglected doing much with her blog, I feel your pain! It took me a day to figure out how to add text widgets (mostly because I haven’t played around with my blog in the past year because I’m too scared to change something and then find I don’t like it!) As a new pair of eyes, I think it looks great 🙂

  2. Well, this blog is Life of Kylie, and life is supposed to be messy and not easy to put into neat categories. 🙂
    As for widget arrangement, I say go with Rara’s advice. I also sorted my widgets in the order of importance to me, with the most important ones on top of the sidebar.

  3. Argh, I just had half a comment written and got distracted and lost it. Grr. I am here for the writing, and I just signed up to get it via email so chances are good I will mostly come to the blog proper to comment or hit the like button. If it were me, I would focus more on the writing and less on the packaging and the different ways to sort or search the writing. Your writing speaks for itself because it is incredible. Let it be the thing that shines, ya know?
    But that’s just my opinion. I get wanting to gussy it up with all the bells and whistles too.

  4. Good for you for doing the challenge! I’m not up to any this year, trying to focus on a couple of things only. Best of luck with it. As far as housekeeping goes, I feel the same way about my mish-mash blog, thinking I will organize it some day or completely re-do it. I like the recent changes you made with the color and I like the subheadings of Laugh, Cry, and Think. I actually think it looks fabulous now that I’m looking around!

    1. Aw, thanks Amy! I think a lot of my posts will be cheater posts–photos and slightly expanded status updates. Your blog always seems well laid out to me 🙂

  5. I’d offer you insights, but I have enough trouble figuring out my own blog, especially those Widgets, which, since I switched to a new theme, no one can see anyway unless they go to the home page. So you see, I’m not much help at all. But I keep coming back to your blog cause I like it just the way it is. 🙂

  6. Don’t overthink it. As far as widgets go, they sort themselves out; the reader either looks at them or he doesn’t. It’s window dressing. The rest? It’s your personality that draws people here, so let ‘er rip.

  7. Your blog is a lovely, and your writing is so good you could put it on used hamburger wrappers and people would still read. 😀 I wouldn’t worry about leaving it exactly as is.

    Still, because I am compulsive, I have tips, Kylie, but I can go overboard, so I need a number. 🙂 1 is “encouragement not advice”, 2 is “Bring up things that personally matter to you only”, 3 is “Tell me what you would do and why”, 4 is “Just tell me what to do”, and 5 is “here’s the admin panel, do what you want”. 😀

      1. Okay, about the sidebar– I would use the text widgets for your images, so you don’t have to put big headers between them. It’ll cut down the length considerably, and raise the chances that someone will “see” them all. I’d also make sure the images on the sidebar have set widths and lengths so they don’t fall over the edged border, just to keep things tidy. If you can make all the same images the same width, that’ll make everything seem more aligned. As far as widget order, I’d prioritize the first two as whatever you want people to see or notice. Then, I’d find your average-lengthed post and scroll to the last paragraph, and then look to the widget on the side. That’s the next most important. Then scroll to the bottom– the last one, that’s the next most important. I personally don’t like the year-drop-drown only because I’ve only ever used it to see how long someone’s been blogging… I never just think, “Hmm, let’s browse their last July.”. I love your categories, but since they’re already sorted on top, they may not be relevant on your side. You might be able to turn your e-cards into a gif, or use the gallery function to consolidate them and take up less space while still keeping them. 🙂

        On the banner– which I love, the only thing I might do is find a way to make it skinnier. Right now, when I load your blog, it takes a page down or scroll to even start seeing your words.

        I hope that’s a 3 and I didn’t go overboard… because you know I love you, and your blog… and even if you do none of that, it’s still awesomesauce. Times 3.

        1. This is exactly the kind of input I’m looking for, Rara. I’ve been wondering about the header image and if I should figure out how to skinnify it. I use the text widget for some of the sidebar so I’ll play around with that more. The e-cards have been bugging me, too. They are image links so I haven’t been able to adjust the size but maybe I can screen shot them and adjust them that way, with a link to the e-cards website. Will have to ponder that. I really appreciate your help!!

          1. 🙂 For the e-cards, you can just right-mouse click, save the image and link it to the e-card site. 🙂 For skinnifying, you might try which will let you crop/adjust a little bit. 🙂 Let me know if you need any help with the code in the text widget!

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