You may have a problem with trains if…

Train Track

Train Track Addiction is Sweeping the Nation

Does any of the following sound familiar? Like you or someone you love? You may have a problem if:

Your go-to lullabye is a passionate mash-up of “Down by the Station” and “Little Red Caboose.”

Note: A particularly bizarre video can be found here:

Cliches such as “I’m off track,” “I got derailed,” and “I lost my train of thought,” pepper your conversations. Regularly.

IKEA Lillaboo Train Bridge

You feel an actual thrill when IKEA has new train tracks. A pretty green bridge! A thing that rotates!

IKEA train switch set

You find yourself googling train track configurations.

You spend an hour with your toddler attempting to create the perfectly aligned and interconnected train track using ALL the pieces.

When your toddler gets bored playing trains, you occupy him with your iPad so you can keep working on getting… it… just… right.

Train Track
Another Blurry Photo Courtesy of Moi

Your toddler repeatedly knocks down the train bridge. You keep working on the track.

You realize it’s an hour and 42 minutes past his nap time and you’re still playing with his trains. No wonder he’s grumpy.

You put toddler in bed. Continue to play trains.

When your significant other gets home, you exhort him to “Look at my train track!”

You seriously consider leaving the train tracks out on the floor even though they are a stumbling-through-the-living-room-at-night tripping hazard.

Train cloverleaf
Source: Tony’s Digital Scribblings

You lie in bed at night pondering how to construct the perfect cloverleaf instead of composing blog posts in your head.

You lie in bed at night composing this blog post.

You get out of bed to post it.

And then play trains.

If you have five or more of these stations symptoms, seek help immediately.

Acknowledging you have a ticket problem is the first step on the track road to Sodor recovery.

As Sir Topham Hat GI Joe always said, “Knowing is half the battle.”

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25 thoughts on “You may have a problem with trains if…

  1. When I was a kid, my little cousin was insane for trains, and it drove us nuts. We listened to train music, we read train books, he wore a train engineer hat, we sat in boxes as train cars, we visited the train tracks. Now I kind of miss it 🙂

        1. Yep, that’s a fun play area! Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes they have story times too. We used to live near one when my daughter was three. Now that my son is three, and home 24-7, we need (free) things to do.

  2. We used to have a problem like this, we even had a spare room for a short period of time in our old apartment two moves ago for the train set and all the things that involved said train set. Sadly the train is in boxes for the forseeable future but we keep thinking we would really like to start one of those holiday train bits that go around the tree…. with all the little holiday buildings and the hey hey. <.<

    1. Wow! A whole spare room!

      I guess the good thing about having things in boxes is that it can be a nice surprise to open them again. I’ve moved a lot so I know how stressful that can be though.

      Thanks for visiting.

      1. Oh yes, at one point we had extra rooms because we kicked out our roommates. The problem with extra rooms though it’s that you start filling them with STUFF…. like trains and platforms for mini cities and mountains and whatnot

  3. Oh, I remember my Thomas the Tank Engine days well. They seemed to last forever given I had two boys, three years apart, and their love of trains was long lasting. Many times I was on my knees pushing Daisy or Patrick or whoever else around those tracks. Of course, what I wouldn’t give to go back in time with them and do it once again. 🙂

    1. I’m glad to be playing trains again. My daughter had outgrown it. We have a couple purple engines: Lady and Rosie, and some flower-topped Brio cars. I see some fancier cars (the Chinese dragon!!) in our Christmas Future.

      Their childhoods go SO fast, don’t they?!

        1. Woah!!!
          Those college catalogs are going to start coming in the mail. That was such an exciting time. I can’t believe how long ago it was. Sometimes it feels like we spend childhood looking forward to being adults, and our adulthoods looking back, reliving those shiny memories.


          We can’t believe that we have one in college in four years, with one in high school, one starting middle school, and one in first grade. They all better get college scholarships!!!

          (This is one of the reasons I talk myself out of going back for a doctorate.)

          1. What? You don’t want to add to the tuition expenses? 😉 But in all seriousness, if you want to go back for a doctorate, I hope you get the chance. I’m sure you’d be great at it.

            1. Hmmm… maybe when the littlest is in Kindergarten. I earned scholarships for college and grad school, so I could probably figure out a way to make a doctorate pay for itself. Just call me Braggy McBraggerson.

              In seriousness, though, I’m trying to force myself to take a couple years to reassess whether I still want to continue working in public health. I was just reading a job description at a local foundation for a position that would be a perfect fit: grant management, community engagement, coalition development, evaluation, and a sense of humor 😉 (Really! It was in there!) But it’s full time and expects you to travel around the region and be available for nights and weekends. I just can’t do that anymore with the number of kids we have. It’s depressing. Can’t I just do that 25 hours/week??? The irony is that the foundation has a strategic focus on supporting families, schools, and early childhood. But how many moms–with the necessary skillset–who have children in school or early childhood can be available like that?
              There–I wrote the blog post that was mulling in my head already.

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