The post I wanted to write #NaBloPoMo

Heaven or Hell: The Gameshow

Trifecta’s writing challenge this week was 33-333 words incorporating the third definition of “craft,” as in deception.

Here’s the hilarious satirical post I didn’t write:


American Idol-esque game show called “Heaven or Hell”


Host: St. Peter
Celebrity Judges: God in the form of the Holy Spirit (what a vague guy); Lucifer, the Dark Lord; and special guest TBD (Hippocrates? Jonas Salk? Kali, the goddess of destruction?)
Contestant: Dr. Joseph Mer…soda. Or maybe Merloco. Know what I’m saying? Get it?


The doctor greatest snake-oil salesman of our generation has to defend his God-given talent for deceit. Should he join the ranks of Hell for how many people he fleeced and sent to an early grave? Get reincarnated as somebody with a chronic disease so he can learn his lesson? Go to Heaven for providing hope and light to so many desperate people?


Witty, and at times snarky, banter among the hosts as Dr. Joe pitches them on the merits of his case and demonstrates his talents for selling tanning machines and water filters.


A simply unforeseeable plot twist with an important lesson we could all laugh about and reflect upon, providing a newfound skepticism toward online sales of miracle cures.

Yeah. You try fitting that into 333 words.

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6 thoughts on “The post I wanted to write #NaBloPoMo

    1. With the kids off school today, there was no way it was gonna happen. I might try to write it up as a short story sometime. I’ll have to do some research though–I’ve only seen those shows a couple of times!

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