YoGoGroSho #NaBloPoMo

BlogHer prompt: Tuesday, November 12, 2013
Name five things inside your refrigerator right now and how you feel about them.

I went grocery shopping tonight. Sounds mundane, but it was a feat, I tell you!

One of the local stores has free drop-in childcare. Two hours of free childcare. In a place that has wifi and a cafe! My dreams of how I can abuse, I mean utilize, this resource have been lofty. However, they don’t open for childcare until 11am and, like all things kid-centric (library story time, open gym at the community centers) the timing conflicts with my attempts to go to yoga class. My gym also has childcare, but no wifi, and it’s a handy place to take a shower. But I digress.

My new life as a Stay-at-Home-Mom centers around finding free childcare and cheap–yet enriching–activities for my child, as well as finding opportunities to write, read, and spend time with grown-ups. Unfortunately, all of these things have to occur during the three hour window from 9-12, before lunch and nap time, after which the day is pretty much on the downward slope toward dinner. There are only so many things I can do during the kiddo’s nap, one of them being nap.

I really, truly tried to go shopping yesterday after our thrilling morning activities, but the little button fell asleep in the car even though I blasted the music and repeatedly admonished him “Don’t go to sleep!”

And that’s why we went grocery shopping at 5 pm tonight, after a hearty meal of half-a-cupcake each

Cupcakes for dinner are nice and all, but I really, really had to get groceries. Good food of the sort that makes me feel like a good mother and that my husband will most likely be the one to cook.

So, after dropping my well-nourished darling at Playland, I took off for the lady’s clothing section to stock up on yoga pants in a rainbow of colors from grey to charcoal to black.


I prioritized yoga-pants-obtaining over grocery-obtaining, because: 1) my kid was wearing undies instead of a diaper and I expected to hear my name called over the intercom system at any moment, 2) I need more yoga gear for my steady routine of weekly yoga classes, and 3) cupcakes for dinner. Need I say more?

Seriously, I realized as my weight yo-yo’s up and down, my yoga pants will always be there for me. They’ve seen me through sexy, slim, singlehood, through maternity, through postpartum weight loss, and through the well-known third-year ‘gain it all back and make people wonder if you’re pregnant’ phase, which I blame on mood-enhancing drugs. Fact. Look it up. I may never buy jeans again.

Yoga-pants-mission accomplished,  I wandered aimlessly around the store, wondering what’s for dinner. What the hell should I buy? Do you ever have those moments when you’re grocery shopping and just can’t think of what you need? Sometimes I swear I go into a fugue state in there.

Coupons to the Rescue

At a loss and without a list, I just got all the things I had coupons for, and found some other things along the way. We have lots of toothpaste now. And tea. And two different types of Wasa Krispbread. And my husband has coffee.

And I also convinced the pharmacy to refill my mood-enhancing drugs. The pharmacy lady told me that they were “on order” and I asked if I could just have a few, and then she reportedly went back to make arrangements on my behalf before blithely informing me that her shift was over but that they’d bring me enough for the next few days. As I lurked near the pharmacy counter, and they helped the next couple of people, somebody finally came to ask me if I needed help. Long, boring story short, the cute young pharmacist brought me a whole bottle of my pills. “Just for you” he said, with a discernible twinkle in his eye. My mood was already becoming enhanced.

I perked up further in the produce section, where, as I sipped on my not-yet-purchased fermented beverage that is similar to, yet is not actually, kombucha, I got an avocado, lettuce, chard, green pepper, and beets. I proceeded to sniff several bunches of the so-called “cilantro” to confirm that the teenaged stock-boy had indeed put flat-leaf parsley in the cilantro section. There went my idea for making Banh mi sandwiches. Thanks a lot, teenaged stock-boy! BUT I made really good sandwiches tonight with fake chicken and fake bacon, the avocado, lettuce, and vegan mayonnaise. I realized how much better my day would have gone if only I’d eaten that sandwich earlier.

So BlogHer, my fridge is now stocked with virtuous veggies and fake meats and a half-consumed bottle of not-kombucha and I feel good about it. Thanks for asking!

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11 thoughts on “YoGoGroSho #NaBloPoMo

  1. Just spent the morning in the supermarket. It was a zoo, even though it was 28 degrees out this a.m. In and out in fifteen minutes, and they had the squeeze bottles that nobody else is carrying because it isn’t picnic season.

  2. I’ve never liked getting groceries, but I LOVED the stores that had the child-care centers. My kids loved to go there, and I’d take a ridiculous amount of time strolling the aisles to get what I needed, just to have a little quiet time. So you are not alone. 🙂

    1. I’ve been plotting to drop him off then go sit in the cafe to read and write for two hours and THEN pick him up and get the groceries. Shh. Don’t tell.

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