Shakespeare, the Spam-Chimp, as Read by Kylie #NaBloPoMo

Learn all about the magic of indigo, resorting to lying, and teddy bears.

There is a lot about which I could rant regarding the loading of this video. Suffice it say, I have a lot to learn. Shakespeare, oh Spam Chimp, darling you! Please send advice. Soon.

Have you read your spam folder lately? Any gems you’d like to share? Extra points for making a YouTube video 😉

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13 thoughts on “Shakespeare, the Spam-Chimp, as Read by Kylie #NaBloPoMo

  1. Listening to this gave me a flashback to taking turns reading out loud in various high school english classes. I knew before listening that you were enunciate clearly and offer appropriate emotional inflection, even (or especially!) for reading spam. 🙂

      1. Yes! I remember doing those ads! Yours was awesome! Someone at writing group just commented on my reading voice, how it is so strong and clear. I mentioned having to read at Mass and having Sr. Jerome coach me from the back of the gym.

      1. Yes it is. Your straight-faced, wondrous delivery had me laughing out loud. My favorite is weekly messages from the Emoji app (which I downloaded solely to send people this one picture of what appears to be poop) that says, “Is weekend. Not know what to say with friends. Emoji say for you.” Thank you Emoji!

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