Mt. Tabor #NaBloPoMo

Mt. Tabor

Mt. Tabor

Eruptions all morning
Hot lava and sass
We walk round the volcano
Find quiet at last?

Complaints and disruption
She protests each step
Green flows down the hillside
We gasp, find our breath.

Word count: 33

Mt. Tabor
Green Clover on Mt. Tabor

There is a dormant volcano in the middle of our city. It has trails, a playground, a dog park, and a view. We took the kids there today, including my extremely grumpy daughter. She and I hit the trail while the boys went in a different direction. Turning a bend, we came across this amazing hillside glowing with green clover. After sharing a bit of wonder, she finally began to calm down and sweeten up.

This is for the Trifextra Weekend Challenge: 33 words, free write

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28 thoughts on “Mt. Tabor #NaBloPoMo

  1. Kylie-hold on to that moment. My daughter has been more “volcanic” lately. She heads off to college next fall and I think it’s her way of pulling away from me. To be honest, it’s hell. But those moments are what will get me through:)

    Beautifully written piece, and I love the snow on your blog too!

    1. Thanks, M. She was up crying when I got in last night. I really wanted to have a good day together and give her a lot of attention. Instead I had to give her a lot of time-outs. But we had this moment, and it’s the one I’ll remember.

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