No More Silence

No More Silence

Friends: please watch and share this video from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and Mayors Against Illegal Guns.


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5 thoughts on “No More Silence

  1. This is very well done, I just don’t know what the answer is to the problem though, I think it is multi-layered – mental health, drugs, weapons… someone much smarter than I will have the answer.

    1. Thanks.
      You’re right, it’s all of the above. Here’s the way I think about it: I would never allow a situation in which my 3-year old would have access to a gun (or a knife, for that matter) since he’s not old enough to understand how to handle it safely. It’s kinda the same thing with mentally ill people, felons, or domestic abusers–we shouldn’t, as a society, allow them to have access. Yes, they should have access to treatment, counseling, appropriate medications… but in the meantime, they shouldn’t have access to deadly weapons. Background checks are a proven way to reduce that access. But right now, it’s a leaky system since background checks aren’t required for private sales (which can be a major pipeline for criminals) and internet sales, and in many states, at gun shows. In my state, anybody can sell 25 or fewer guns at a time without running background checks.

      1. When I lived in Arizona, I worked for a guy (a trust fund guy with lots of money) who had been in federal prison for drug stuff. Anyway, his rights were taken away from him, he couldn’t vote nor was he allowed to own firearms. So, when the gunshow came to town, what happened? His wife bought 3 or 4 automatic weapons. These people were ex-druggies and were on drugs to control their depression and anxiety. I quit working for them shortly after that, just not feeling comfortable.

        So, you’re right, there are still big leaks where the criminals and mentally ill can still have access to weapons.

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