One Mother’s Fairy Tale

I’m reblogging this for a couple reasons:
1) because it’s a well-written story demonstrating how to work with perspective,
2) Trigger Alert: because it’s an all-too-common story about abuse in our culture and shows how we deceive ourselves–and how easy it is to be deceived, and
3) because I want to spread the word about this writing community, TipsyLit, which has weekly writing prompts.
Okay, that was three. I lied.

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3 thoughts on “One Mother’s Fairy Tale

    1. Wasn’t it? It resonated with me, especially, this week. Especially the part about denial.

      In fact, with all the conversations about abuse and predators, I decided to write a post about narcissism that will be going up tomorrow morning.

      1. Looking forward to reading it. It’s a topic that I’ve seen come up a lot the last few months in my online travels, but I still barely know anything about it.

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