Nominate a Favorite Blogger (or Yourself!) for BlogHer’s Voices/Photos of the Year

This is cool!

I submitted some of my favorite posts from this last year and would be THRILLED to have you read them and vote for them.

If you decide to submit posts, or would like to be nominated, please link up in the comments so we can support each other.

Here’s the voting page:

The Daily Post

Did you read or see something jaw-dropping on a blog this year, or publish something you’re particularly proud of? Why not nominate it as one of BlogHer’s 2014 Voices or Photos of the Year? BlogHer recognizes up to 100 bloggers, and will select twelve to read their work aloud during the BlogHer annual conference-slash-10th anniversary celebration.

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6 thoughts on “Nominate a Favorite Blogger (or Yourself!) for BlogHer’s Voices/Photos of the Year

  1. Last month we posted a blog & ended up sending ten copies per receiver. We’re still so green at this, we would laugh hysterically if we even got a nomination & tell them, NO!! Please NO!! LMAO. We’ll consider this a few years down the road, when we learn how to operate our blog functionally!!! Now, as for me, I think that post you did I believe it was called. Ring a Bell is the perfect candidate. Let’s see…if memory serves me right, you managed to tell a beautiful story of a little girl finding out Santa was mama & passed a tradition on to her to move the elf for her little brother. (Heart warming) And finished it up with a story that was news worthy & tore all our hearts up. Not only did you mention it, you found a way to tell your daughter & lead to others by example. Kylie, we read anywhere from 100-150 blogs a month. Maybe more. That post stood out. I remember watching a video of the little girl & crying. Then Inion took her turn. So you have our vote!! Going now to cast our vote for Kylie~ 😉

    1. Oh, wow, thank you!!! I’ve been volunteering/sometimes working on gun violence prevention since the very day of the Sandy Hook Shooting. I just recently got hired by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, the source of that video. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.
      I nominated that post, and it would be AMAZING if we could get more people in the blogging community to read it and, hopefully, take action and join the movement.
      Oh my gosh, I’m having a little trouble breathing just thinking about how incredible it would be to have an official “Voice of the Year” to get more and more people to help out!!!!

      The link to vote on that post is right here:

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